Anyone seen this NERO error before?

I just tried to burn a set of DVD Shrink output files to a Ritek G04 DVD-R and got the following error at the end of the burn. Everything looked fine thru the whole process (with the exception that for some reason the buffer was at or near 100% the whole time) and as soon as it got the 100% complete with the writing…

6:43:41 PM Caching of files started
6:43:41 PM Caching of files completed
6:43:41 PM Burn process started at 4x (5,520 KB/s)
Session fixation error
Could not perform end of Disc-at-once
6:58:39 PM Burn process failed at 4x (5,520 KB/s)

I’ve tried 4 of these DVD-Rs and all have failed? What gives? Thanks


first: normally (not in 100%) this won’t cause a real error when trying to play the dvd in a drive… so, if it’s a movie you wanna burn then it (theoretically) should play ok on a standalone player, and also on your pc-drive…

if it is data it should also be completely readable by your pc’s drive… theoretically… :wink:

what i would say to the reason for this error is that i think, it might be that the media is “unknown” to the burner('s firmware) and the write-strategy might be wrong…

or you try to burn too much data on the disc and so the lead out cannot be written completely…

Unfortuneatly, it wouldn’t play in my standalone player (I didn’t try it in the PC). So I does it sound like I need to upgrade my firmware for the Lite-on drive? I’ve never done this before, so I was a little reluctent to try this in case I screwed something up or the firmware fryed the drive. I’ve got a rebadged Lite-on 811s (Pacific Digital), so would I go to the Lite-on web site or the Pacific Digital site to get the firmware upgrade?

in this case i cannot help you, i don’t have dvd-burner myself (my gf has, my father has, even my mother has, but I don’t need one… :wink: )

so, wait for others to help you with the fw-upgrade… :wink:


Might also be that he just got a dodgy batch of Riteks. Whilst I’ve had whole rolls of G04 Riteks that haven’t had a single failed burn, I’ve had others that haven’t produced a single usable burnt dvd.

In fact I’m batting at only about .500 overall with Riteks and I’m giving up on them altogether. Frankly, I’d rather pay double and get full-case Verbatim dlp 8x -R which produce flawless results on my 832S and not waste my time with failed burns. The price works out at about the same anyway given the failure rate of the Riteks.