Anyone recommend the best CD-R for audio

I have been experiencing problems when playing back cd-r,s on different audio players.After reading other postings I realise that this is a common problem but can anyone tell me if there is a particular make/design of cd-r which performs the best for this type of use.
I would appreciate any help

There are known brands, who behave in general well, such as TDK, Mitsui, Philips, Sony, Verbatim. You also can try Fuji, BASF, this brands are made by Ritek.
You have to figure out yourself, which are best for your particular gears.
Burning with 2x speed can increase the burnpattern.
CDRW is in general no good choise for audioburning, you are condammed to play them on your CDromplayer.

I recommand; Philips and TDK .

Sure, national brand first.