Anyone recommend a dvd-r blank that works tidy at 8x in dvd player pls

Hi guys , been using the good old faithful riteks G05 burnt at 4x but now ive got a new liteon writer they will only burn at 6x and now jump all over the place in my dvd players, so is there a better disc I should try ?


You can’t go wrong with Verbatim AZO, FalconMedia Pro or Taiyo Yuden (widely available under JVC brand) DVD-Rs.

First you can’t go wrong with pepst’s recomendation.

Second if you still have the riteks G05’s that have been working for you continue to burn them a 4X .
If your burning program won’t burn them at 4X with the lite on give ImgBurn a try.
Make sure it is set to burn at 4X.

Cheers guys , yeah ive verbatims before and my player weirdly enough doesn’t like them, ive also tried other programs but still only see them as 6x or 8x.