Anyone recommend a dvd burner for my system?

hey. a few days ago my cd drive died on me. :frowning: so now i’ve been looking for a dvd drive/burner to replace it. i was thinking a Lite On one, but it requires Intel 4 1.8ghz and i only have 1.7. would it still work? because i know sometimes they “require” something, but they still work with a lower setup.

if 1.7 isn’t compatible, what do you recommend? i basically want just a simple dvd burner. i don’t need Lightscribe. i don’t need dual layer burning. just a simple burner.


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Most burners have about the same price (around €30), so you can pick any drive you like.

If you are interested in testing your burned discs, then a liteon drive is a must.

A burner don’t need a powerful CPU, but it requires at least 500MB RAM to avoid excessive hard disc usage (if the system has too low RAM memory, it use a swap file on hard disc and this can heavily slow the burning process).

You can get the Samsung 203* series too and use kprobe.

would this one work? i checked the Lite-On website, and the specs say it should work. but i’m pretty sure this is the one i was looking at in walmart and the box said i needed 1.8 ghz. the lite-on website says 1.3 ghz. so… will this one work if i only have 1.7?


Hi :slight_smile:
Welcom onboard EricTheDerek. :iagree: :clap:
I think on the box they use the ideal standard (although you can go higher).
On the website they state the true minimum.
However if you use this drive like most folk i.e. burn @ 8x or 12x.
There will be no problems for you in terms of demands on your setup.
The Samsung 203 however is not to be considered.
Not only is it SATA. But it can be quite demanding on setups too.

alrighty then. thanks so much :bow:

i can’t wait to get everything working nicely again. :slight_smile: