Anyone recently purchased Verbatim from Xmediatrade?

I’m curious if anyone recently purchased any 25, 50 or 100 spindles of Verbatim -R or +R from Xmediatrade.

What manufacturer were they? I already know their 50 spindles of MCC004 are MII.



Well, since no-one stepped forward I risked a blind purchase. I bought a 100pc cakebox DVD+R and unless someone now tells me the usual cakebox markings (edge at the bottom, edge at the top, serif Open-Close) aren’t valid for 100pc cakeboxes, it’s CMC. :slight_smile:

Not yet checked stamper markings, have to clear some shelf space to put the half dozen Maxell TYG03 spindles that came with it :bigsmile:

Some cakeboxes were cracked so it’s not just SVP that has problems shipping these in one piece. The empty 50pc cakeboxes I ordered to put some bulkwrapped T02 in were a total loss. :frowning:

Anyway, just so you know, if you now order 100pc cakeboxes DVD+R Verbies from them, you’re probably going to get CMC.

edit: don’t get the 50pc boxes, I asked and they said they were MII. So unless you like Moser Baer, go for the 100pc boxes.


That’s too bad. :frowning:

I prefer using 25pc and 10pc cakeboxes instead of 50pc cakeboxes, because they are more handy. They would most likely also be more sturdy than the 50pc and 100pc cakeboxes.

Yeah, but you need a lot of them to pack 300 T02’s :bigsmile:

Anyway, it’s good advice and I’ll follow it next time I order someplace. Pity you can’t find these things in shops here, I’m pretty well stocked up for now :stuck_out_tongue: so it’ll be a while before I order again. I’ll repack some old CD archives I have in spindles for now. These should be OK for a while in a CD bag, freeing up spindles of good quality (xmediatrade’s were really flimsy, no wonder they broke)


OK, checked stampercodes on the Verbies: PAPA18KL09235391. FWIW.