Anyone purchased from

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Mister >> “Greg42”
My husband (“Francksoy”) has just show me the terrible words you have writen here about him, they have deleted the posts, and I wanted to say shame on you Mister Greg42. You are very bad educated, very rude, shame on you really

Thank to people who has deleted the posts with the rude words, regards

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I can say the same about your husband who has been provocative and who has personally attacked me and pushed me to the limits… Also I think that this new user is Franck or one of his fanboys…Not impressed…

Like Quailboy said, he spends his time hijacking threads and causing trouble.

I suggest you go back in the kitchen and mind your business…I only react this way towards people his kind, and I am nice to people who do not engage in personal attacks like he has done.


Now THAT is a righteous “Sin Binning” (of greg42)

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Yeah, well this is not slander, these are the facts:
I HAVE ordered from BLANKDVDMEDIA.COM (not .ca) April 15, 2006 and they were very quick to send my order (3 day) HOWEVER, it was NOT what I had ordered. I had ordered Dysan DVDs and they sent me Ridata. I emailed them and a certain Stephane replied "just return them and they will be replaced’.
I returned them April 20, 2006 (it cost me $10.95 for postage and tracking number) through the Post office. Tracking info revealed that Dominique Fournier signed for the returned package - that was on May 9 - 15 days ago and I’m still waiting for my oder. They won’t answer my emails and their telephone 514-910-6946 goes to a voice mailbox that has been full for over a month.
So good luck in getting them to “defend themselves” they won’t even deal with a client!

well, here is my experience with
I ordered 25 [B]inkjet printable [/B] ritek disks(dual layer DVD-R) about two weeks ago. Two days later I got a package, but they were [B]silver colored [/B] DVD-R and not inkjet printable.
Anyway I emailed them and told them about the mistake. They emailed me same day and asked me if I couldn’t use these ones at all. If I kept them, they would give me a discount for “the right disks I need”, or, I could simply return the package. So, I paid for the return and here I am waiting for a reply from Sofar, six emails (without any reply) and lot of phone calls which ends up in an answering machine giving the standard “full mailbox” message.
Well, lets see how long more waiting needed.

Hi onikn321, welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

Sorry to hear about your bad experience with - hopefully it will be sorted out eventually.

Please let us know how it goes.

well, one day after my first message on this board i got an email from asking about the tracking number of my returned package. I sent the tracking number and today I received a pack of 30 inkjet printable DVD-Rs. I guess the extra 5 disks was as a refund for my return postage. Anyway I tested the disks. They are ok. These disks have a [B]RITEKP01[/B] ID. According to this link [U][/U]
these are new RITEK disks under Traxdata brand. Anyway they are ok and sofar readable on 3 of my DVD players.

@[B]onikn321[/B], glad to hear that it worked out well for you in the end! :slight_smile:

Yes I have purchased from Blankdvdmedia on Oct. 28, 2006 and I am still waiting for my merchandise. I have e-mailed them five times with the last twoo weeks without response. I have phoned my credit card company who informed me that they processed my payment on Oct. 30th, 2006. I have started proceedings to get my money back but have had to cancell my card as a safe guard. My credit card company did a check and found they were registered but there was no address or number to contact!!! The number on there sight is useless since you can not leave a message since the message box is full, not that they would return it anyway. My advice to you or anyone else reading this is stay away from ordering from Blankdvdmedia and save yourself all the troubles I am experiencing. I will keep everyone informed of further developments on my problem.


Greg42 in one of your previous responses you mentionned that you found Blankdvdmedia phone number and address, if you do not mind could you please provide them to me so that I can go there and resolve my problem.

Thank you kiwi

Why would one just not buy verbatims mcc004 for 30 bucks at futureshop for a pack of 100?

I did some research on Blankmedia and Blankdvdmedia and they seem to be the same company operating out of Montreal Quebec. Does anyone have any further information on this for me. Thank you Kiwi

I have order dvd box the first day of november… after 2 messages on the phone and about 3 emails, I have’nt receive anything!!! No answer to my question and no package at all…

If you have the adress, give it to me, i lived in Montreal and i’ll pay a little visit to this Stephane.

Thank you,


I’ve found their address! Go hunt 'em down:

Name Stephane Champagne
Job Title
Postal Address 7290 Monnier, Laval Ouest QC H7R 5K6 Canada
Phone 4509621010

Please don’t try to turn this into a witch hunt of the person behind :cop:

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Well, I lived in Montreal, and after a month without response from, I have found the man behind the site… I found his phone number… at home.

You know what? I receive my package two days later…

lol - that should teach him to save on support :wink:

I ordered printer ink. My VISA card was charged $51.46 on November 27, 2006. I have e-mailed 4 times … no response. Using the phone number has been totally useless. I have not received the order. I contacted the BBB, however, the company is not a member!

I live out of province, however, I really would like a phone number besides the one listed on the website.

Any chance of getting the phone number?