Anyone purchased from

I was looking at the pricing on for the 4X Ritek DVD+R (Ridata) media in Silver Matte and their prices seem like a steal considering they offer free shipping inside Canada. Just wondering if anyone has purchased from them before and specifically if they’ve purchased the 4X Ritek DVD+R (Ridata) media from them. If so, how was your buying experience and what was the media like (media codes if you please)? As far as I know most, if not all, 4X Ritek DVD+R (Ridata) media is supposed to be RICOHJPNR01. Also to my knowledge RICOHJPNR01 is one of the best all around blank DVD media available… ever. Always glad to have any input. Also if anyone else knows of any great blank DVD media sites for Canadians don’t hesitate to point them out. Thanks in advance.

You can get 4x TY from here for $43CAN / 100

This site is based in Laval (Quebec), and his owner is widely considered to be extremely unreliable. I’d recommend you’d never buy anything from that site.

Before you get to slander a company on a public forum you better be ready to BACKUP your arguments with FACTS and explanations - How the moderators accept slanderous comments is beyond me. I was going to order from that company but after reading your post I am hesitant now, I have sent you an e-mail requesting more details and you never responded.

Please be aware that I have forwarded your post to blankdvdmedia as I think they have a right to defend themselves.

Digital Dolphin wouldn’t support blankmedia if it was a shady business.

DD supports, this is! :stuck_out_tongue:

My bad, too similar :doh: does not look too appealing next to that is why I don’t understand all this crap talk about blankdvd. I went over to and the prices are RIDICULOUS - they gouge you on administrative charges ontop of other charges, in the end you are left with a HUGE bill and inflated shipping charges not to mention they don’t carry as much items.

I’ve had no problems with and looking at their inventory they have more selection of dvd media than blankdvd and $5 cheaper for TY in batches of 100. I’ve never been hit by admin costs and shipping was usually $6.50 … wow a whole 50 cents more than dvdmedia. So in fact I’d say your claims of price gouging is pure BS. You must be a salesperson for dvdmedia IMHO. Ontario sales tax is higher than Quebec but that can’t be blamed on blankmedia.

Please try to not be so hostile towards people.
I know you are a new member, but jeez…

I wouldn’t reply to an email from you either, if you were a hothead like that towards me, too…

I’ve never used blankdvdmedia, all I’m saying is that before you put down a company you better have facts - Those are very serious accusations and slanderous comments towards the owner of such company, that was all my point.

As to, sorry, but compare inventory items between both sites. They have out of stock on many items… blankdvdmedia has the Ridata DVD+R 8x in stock, doesn’t… The shipping is FREE with some orders of DVDs on blankdvdmedia.

Now let’s forget about, to me personally they don’t have what I’m looking for. I just want to know WHY someone has made comments AGAINST blankdvdmedia - for the simple reason is that I was looking forward to buying from that site but want to get more details than just “oh the owner is unreliable…” just to make sure this is not “BS” as you put it.

Tough luck man! Re-read my post and interpret it the way you want it.

FACT IS…Sorry I do not work for blankdvdmedia, and lucky for cdfreaks and the original poster. Personally if it were up to me and my company was slandered, I would make sure the post is retracted or that the original poster can BACK UP HIS ARGUMENTS that’s not much to ask.

When someone goes on the internet and slams a company they give out the reasons WHY… I mean for example, items never received, items arrived damaged but never replaced, poor quality items received, being scammed, etc… But this guy only came here and made comments against a company AND its owner, without specifying the cause…

If it were your company would you allow me to slander you left and right without giving cause or arguments ? I didn’t think so.

Now I gave CAUSE why I don’t like…without slandering it. They do not carry what I am looking for, and TO ME personally not as many items as blankdvd and I’m not talking just blank dvds, AND the pricing is higher… again maybe if I were living in Ontario that would be a different thing. Also when I tried ordering from them I was faced with many charges ontop of taxes, etc… and it came, to me, more expensive by as much as $10-$15. And as for inventory, a lot of items are said to be “temporarily out of stock”, I’ve kept checking for weeks with the same “out of stock” mention.

As to not replying to a “hothead” like myself, well if it were my company being slandered, maybe you’d have no choice to reply to my attorney.

Alright, you’ve never used blankdvd… so why the big defense? Any site that is below par will get blasted here, at cdr-info, at and any other site that compares quality of media. And quite frankly, your the only one I see defending blankdvd. I still don’t believe your “pricing and charges on top of…” sorry, Ont sales tax is 15% and that’s not blankmedia’s fault. If they’re out of stock, it must be cause they have a good rep and can’t keep stock fast enough for demand. OTOH you want Ridata, <shrug>, doesnt matter how cheap it’s still class B media so go for it at blankdvd. I’m out of this thread, I have better things to do.

The big defense is because I cannot stand seeing people slander a company so freely with no references, arguments, proof or cause. If someone comes and slams a company regarding their poor service or products that’s something else.

As to… I really took the time to check what they have on their site and checked what they had on blankdvdmedia, and I find that is lacking in the +R, they more of the -R… As far as the RIDATA, they use mediacode RICOHJPN, not RITEK… The -R use RITEKGxx. So if you consider RICOHJPN CLASS B that’s your opinion.

All I want is to know WHY the guy is slamming blankdvd. blankdvdmedia has been in business for over 2 years after doing some research - they DO have a phone number to call AND an address to pick up orders (only for volume orders) - and they are a registered entity and charge taxes…Maybe this one poster had a bad experience and is slamming the owner.

This is like people slamming PAYPAL left and right and making sites like paypalsucks etc… There are 70 million PayPal users, including myself and I NEVER had ANY problems.

I’m not being hostile towards anybody just please provide more arguments when you talk against a company.

Relax. The poster asked for opinions and this person posted one. You are wasting time forwarding the comments and, for the record, slander is spoken. Libel, which is what you meant to say, is written.

Yes but he can back up his statement - I was going to order from this site as they are the only ones that carry what I am looking for and closest to the area I am at, no other company carries it and is out of stock for the next 2 weeks on that specific item (I called them) - People who just come and make such comments are mostly trolls - they never show up again - people who take the time to backup arguments and be specific are the most credible. I will have to take my chances and will order from those guys and post my results, I mean $40 is nothing - I tried calling their phone number (blankdvdmedia) and there is always someone who answers, he seems to know what he is talking about so I will take my chances - Maybe the said poster did not have a good experience however in this case he is GENERALISING and saying:

and his owner is widely considered to be extremely unreliable.

This is a SERIOUS remark - As opposed to stating his opinion he is making a statement - Now on what does he base his argument that the owner is WIDELY considered EXTREMELY unreliable ? I have searched the internet extensively and have not come across any other negative comments against blankdvdmedia - I checked other forums and done searches nothing - Usually when a company is WIDELY KNOWN to be bad word goes out pretty quickly on the forums. Just because the said poster had alleged problems with the said owner, does not mean he can come here and label the company and its owner as “WIDELY CONSIDERED” unless he can post his sources and back this up. We are not talking personal opinion but generalising…sorry.

I will order from this guy and if I get scammed or whatever I’ll be the first person to post here, but I will certainly backup and give my reasons before making bold and extreme claims without credible arguments.

As to, they do answer their e-mails, they have a phone number, however they are bit on the more expensive side since they charge higher shipping fees and administrative fees as well (it’s written on their site) PLUS a 2% fee for using paypal - Blankdvdmedia does not charge the surplus fee, and the shipping is free on some items and base price lower to start with.

Now I ran a whois domain check, is properly registered and the contact info is available and there, site owner is Thomas Richer… Blankdvdmedia on the other hand is registered through Domains by Proxy and the contact info is not shown, however he does have an address and phone number and gives you ALL the info you need when you ask him, so I guess the only thing left for me to do is TRY… After doing some searches on the internet, the ONLY negative comment is this ONE on CDFREAKS…if he was WIDELY KNOWN to be bad I think I would have come up with many hits…However there are positive feedbacks I read elsewhere. I guess you can say the same thing about PAYPAL, widely considered to being unreliable and scammers according to - It’s funny because I use PayPal and all my circle of friends have personal and business accounts and have a big volume of transactions through them and NEVER had ANY problems…

The best bit of advice I can give to people - if you can order it at your local store, go ahaed - It is WORTH paying the extra price and SEEING what you are buying. I would order online as a LAST resort. Unfortunately my local stores DO NOT carry Tayo Yudens or the printable media I am looking for…Neither does for now as they are out of stock…so I don’t have much choice. does not look too appealing next to that is why I don’t understand all this crap talk about blankdvd. I went over to and the prices are RIDICULOUS - they gouge you on administrative charges ontop of other charges, in the end you are left with a HUGE bill and inflated shipping charges not to mention they don’t carry as much items.

How can you say that blankmedia doesn’t carry as much items. They have 11 types of TY while blankdvd only has 1 type of TY.

According to this, Ricoh is a grade B blank:

It’s much better to purchase made in Japan discs over anywhere else in the world.

I have checked both carefully and I notice that blankmedia has more of the -R kind than the +R. I e-mailed them and they gave out a simple reply based on a few words saying they do not intend to carry more items of what they have in stock. The only +R printable they have are VERBATIM +R and TAYO YUDEN +R, which is out of stock and has been for weeks, while the verbatim have only 2 left. A good company should provide a better choice example:

As much -R as +R…Most people prefer the +R for the ability to be bitset to DVD-ROM which you cannot do with -R.

I would expect a good company to provide different brands for each of the -R and +R.

Blankdvdmedia offers ridata in both -R and +R, in both 4x and 8x and printable and has a bigger stock. I cannot say that I am impressed with the media suppliers in Canada, compared to those based in the US like meritline, rima and other major suppliers that carry a much bigger inventory and various brands, not just the high-end verbatim and tayo yudens.

I saw the report about Ritek/Ridata/Ricoh placing it in the Class B media… Yet both blankmedia and blankdvdmedia label it as GRADE A, high quality Riteks, and they cut and paste exactly what is written on RiteKUsa’s website, high quality, long lasting archives, premium organic dye, etc…when you and many people on this forum are saying it is NOT true… Then if it is so then I guess Ritek is in violation of many codes then if it is misrepresenting and lying about its products don’t you think ?

The only reason why I am NOT ordering from is because

  1. They do not carry what I am looking for…(Ridata DVD+R 4x or 8x white printable), only the -R kind and they already told me they DO NOT intend to get any (talk about good service).

  2. Their TAYO YUDEN DVD+R are always out of stock, and I’ve checked the site for the last month and it is the same thing…Like any business I will not wait for them to stock on that item, I will buy from the business that can provide me with what I want… I already waited 1 month.

I deal with many suppliers for computer products and when they have something they do not stock they get it on special order - I am willing to pay the full price - yet was categoric that they will not change anything…

The one thing I like about is their ordering system and tracking system with Canada post, unfortunately, in my opinion they do not carry more diversity in media brands AND equal inventory on -R and +R…they seem to favor the -R more than the +R.

that really is good service , have a look in this forum there are several threads about ritek alot of ppl shows bad scans after several months it was burned and claim it scanned much better months ago right after the burning and in some cases claim that data is now unreadable so it must be true thet ritek is crap , regardin they currently do have ty +r in stock alot of it your right about the verbatim ones but only bout the 16x ones they have the 8x printable in stock , nearly all media manufactureres claim on their site that their medias are high quality and long lastin but in many cases thats wrong

Well then is selling Ritek as well and ProDisc… As far as the Tayo Yuden, the +R are out of stock, check the website.

burning and in some cases claim that data is now unreadable so it must be true thet ritek is crap , regardin they currently do have ty +r

I have run my OWN tests with hundreds of RITEKs and RICOHJPN I have here at home and I personally never had ANY problems with RITEK. Now Ritek is Class B it doesn’t mean it is crap -however its success rate is slightly lower… It will depend on the batch AND brand that carries it. I always buy my blanks from Maxell, they use RITEK media code and Maxell provides a limited lifetime waranty. Their quality control is more strict as opposed to buying from another less known brand that use the Ritek dyes. This is what people fail to take into consideration and will slam Ritek left and right when they should slam the original brand for not properly inspecting their batch.

I have NEVER had a bad Ritek batch with maxell DVD+R. I have had EXCELLENT kprobes with RITEKs, with PIs MAX never exceeding 12, combined with a very low total to top it off. As far as PIF, again, very low total usually below 500 total, with individual PIF never exceeding 2, with an average of usually 0.03 - now that is excellent in my books ! I’ve had higher kprobe readings with RICOHJPN and a much bigger PIF total. I NEVER had ANY CRC errors with RITEKs and surprisingly all discs are FULL capacity and the kprobes are EVEN and nice from start to the complete end of the disc. I’ve scanned those discs that burnt almost 2 years ago and the error rate has not climbed, and on some media the only values that climbed ever slightly was the PI, where instead of being 12 MAX, it would be 16 or 17, but with PIFs virtually UNCHANGED and not a single bad CRC. I have had problems and CRAP with CMC, even MCC and some RICOHJPNR03 from the FUJIFILM.

In my books RITEK is far from crap, but they have less consistent quality batches than say Tayo Yuden, but when you get good batches, the RITEKS work just fine… I know MAXELL would not offer a lifetime waranty on “CRAP”.

I have 3 spindles of 100 Maxell DVD+R, one is said to be made in Japan, with media code MXL, the other spindle made in taiwan with media code RITEKR03 and the last spindle made in taiwan RICOHJPNR01, I can honestly say that I have had the best KPROBES from the RITEKS. I hear people having problems with the RITEKG04 and G05’s, those are the -R kind, I cannot comment because I only use the +R kind.

It’s all about BATCH quality. Go on VCDHELP.COM and check dvd media and enter VERBATIM…Where verbatim are said to be CLASS A with their MCC media code…yet you see a load of negative comments about their discs…

In terms of standalone DVD players I have run numerous tests with RITEK vs. RICOHJPN vs. MCC and other media codes. I use 4 different brands of DVD players here and 10 other brands at work, amongst those brands of DVD players I use anything ranging from the most FUSSY players to the newest players to the oldest problematic players, and have found that all the dvd players including the fussy and old ones liked the RITEK media codes of +R, without a single skip or freeze throughout an entire disc, of course the Tayo Yudens where great also, although there was a slight pause on one of the phillips and Apex dvd players, (I guess that can happen). As far as the MCC and other dyes in the CLASS C and D, occasional skipping/pausing and in some cases even with a good kprobe scan. The MPEG material used for testing is 100% compliant and approved/tested by the Phillips DVD verifier software and authored in lab with a Sonic Scenarist station so it could not have been the mpeg.

I think people who slam RITEK left and right and CLAIM to be experts should seriously look at their DVD writers, firmware revisions, and at WHAT SPEED they burn their discs. I ALWAYS burn at 4x no matter what. I think that burning at anything higher is chancing it - perhaps burning at higher speed on CLASS B media and below is risky and COULD be concern for longevity. I personally have not had ANY trouble with CLASS B RITEK/RIDATA media burnt at 4x - and despite I have put some discs through torture tetss and stored under hot and humid temps without as much as 1 CRC error over a year later.

I cannot speak about other brands, I use MAXELL. Now I have seen very poor KPROBE scans with MEMOREX DVD+R using RITEK dyes, there again MEMOREX does not provide lifetime waranties either and their quality control is virtually unxistant, much like the other CRAPPY brands people buy to save a nickel or two.

Also after burning the media in some cases you can “spot” defects on the media (no pun intended) - when you notice rings, blemishes or other imperfections in the dye that should be a sure sign… Also a lot of people store their CDs in direct light, or apply crappy labels or use markers…of course there are MANY factors that will deteriorate a disc - now yes some people will claim they properly store their discs…but to have it unreadable after a few months is extreme and I would question under what BRAND they were sold and where they bought it. MAXELL would be out of business by now if there were any known problems - A colleague of mine has a business and mass produces thousands of DVD and copies for weddings and corporate events, he uses MAXELL DVD+R, RITEKR02 and R03, and he would be out of business by now - you can imagine the customers calling months later to complain about unreadable DVDs. This is not to say that there probably are crappy RITEKS out there, I have seen plenty of crappy RICOHJPN, particularly those I got from FUJIFILM…but it’s a hit and miss with less known brands.