Anyone own or recommend the Lite-On SOHD-167T?

I was going to buy a black 166/166s at newegg but they just stopped carrying them. they now have the SOHD-167T which I guess is new to the market. I havent been able to find much info on these and what little info i found suggests it only reads -rom and +R/RW. Anyone know anything about this dvd-rom drive?

Funny, just yesterday, someone was asking me about the 167T. It was announced about 3 months ago. Glad to see that it’s finally on the market! :slight_smile:

LiteOn DVD-ROM drives have not changed much since the 163. There was an addition of -RAM support in the 165H, but overall, their specs have remained constant; 48x CD, 16x DVD, 512KB buffer, etc. I was told that the 167T shared these three key specs.

I’d get it if I were you. My bet is that it’ll perform the same as the 166S or better. :slight_smile:

Oh, and if you do get it, please dump the firmware and send it in my direction. :wink:

(on that note, if anyone gets a firmware for this, I won’t mind getting a copy ;))

I ordered this DVD-ROM yesterday from NEwEgg after saving the 166 in my shopping cart for a few days.
The LiteOn site has no information on any of their DVD-ROMS. :confused:
This is what I did find, but still leaves me with one question. Does it support DVD-R??? I hope where it says “DVD-ROM” in the description, they really mean DVD-R.

The new LiteOn SOHD - 167T is a half-height internal 16x DVD-ROM, supporting DVD+R, DVD+RW, DVD-ROM, CD-R, CD-RW and CD-ROM reading.

  • SMART-X Smart Monitoring & Adjusting Read-speed Technology for eXtraction
  • ABS® ( Auto Balance System ) mechanisam to reduce vibration & noise while high speed rotating
  • Plug & Play with emergency manual eject

Specifications :

  • Speed :

DVD Family 16x ( 21600KB/sec ) by CAV
CD Family 48x ( 7200KB/sec ) by CAV

  • Access Time : 120 ms
  • Buffer Size : 512 KB
  • Compatibility :

MS-Windows 98 / NT4.0 / ME / 2000 / XP

  • MTBF ( Life ) : 70,000 Hours

How about a review comparing this drive to the 166.:bow:
…and a modified firmware speed hack?


Originally posted by Scottyman
Does it support DVD-R???

Should read burned DVDs just fine. I don’t see why that ability will suddenly break with the 167T when it’s worked fine for all of the older drives. :slight_smile:

…and a modified firmware speed hack?

If someone would provide me with a firmware dump from the drive… (hint, hint…) :wink:

Originally posted by Scottyman
I ordered this DVD-ROM yesterday from NEwEgg after saving the 166 in my shopping cart for a few days.
The LiteOn site has no information on any of their DVD-ROMS. :confused:
This is what I did find, but still leaves me with one question. Does it support DVD-R??? I hope where it says “DVD-ROM” in the description, they really mean DVD-R.

Let us know how you like it, as I havent ordered mine yet, nor will for a few days. Thanks!

I’ll let you know. It’s due Monday.


A kind soul (Dieter) sent me a firmware dump from the 167T. A patched version of the 167T firmware is now available for download for those who are interested.

I’m waiting not very patiently for a review of the 167. I know most people do not care anymore about reader but I do :iagree:

Scott! Its Tuesday, did you get it yet? Give us your review when you get a chance. Thanks!

I got the drive about a week ago. Patched it with Codes Firmware…

Is it ok for me to run Kprobe on it? It seems to give me “servo errors” when running Kprobe.

I burnt some (RicohJPNR01) in my NEC2500a W/beta8, but the PI seems way high at around 500 +

Any suggestions guys?

KProbe results are extremely inaccurate (read: virtually useless) on DVD-ROM drives. KP was never desgined to be run on a -ROM drive–only on writers. You can scan it with KP if you want, but the results are not meaningful (as you’ve already seen with the 500+ PI). So don’t worry about those numbers that you’re getting, as they don’t mean much.

Can you verify that it supports both dvd-r and dvd+r? Also, how are your dvd rip speeds? I just ordered it a couple of hours ago for $30.50 at newegg.

If you ordered it, then I guess you’ll be finding out how it performs very soon. :wink:

Come on now, with the prevalence of -/+R/W media, I would be extremely surprised if the drive has problems reading it. LiteOn isn’t so stupid as to break the functionality of a drive when it’s been working fine for the past several incarnations of their DVD-ROM drives.

Works with both (±) & RWs

Rips hella fast…

I use Code’s Hacked firmware.

Just think the tray is kinda flimsy thats all.

Code: Is your hacked firmware Region free also???


All LiteOn trays are like that. Dunno if I’ll call it flimsy, as they have never given me a problem. Just don’t use it as a coffee cup holder. :wink:

Edit: just noticed that your message also asked about region freedom
As for region freedom, my personal stance on patching is “do only as much as you need to.” Because there already exists a free, reliable, and easy tool (LtnRPC; see the tools collection stickied at the top of the forum) to make LiteOn drives region free, I would prefer if people used that tool instead of adding one more patch than necessary to the firmware.

Let me start at the beginning…
I had an old Pioneer A04 for a long time, and with it I burned a BUNCH of DVD’s, like a few hundred… movies, data, music, music videos, etc etc etc, though a lot of the burns are all over the place quality-wise when I have KProbed em on my 811S and my roommate’s 451S.

Now, let me explain some odd examples of things that seem to exist -->

Disc #1 (Pioneer A04 burn)
451s KProbe scan = 30-40 PI avg
811s KProbe scan = 500-1000 PI avg

Disc #2 (Pioneer A04 burn)
451s KProbe scan = 10-15 PI avg
811s KProbe scan = 400-700 PI avg

Disc #3 (811s burn)
451s KProbe scan = 10-20 PI avg
811s KProbe scan = 58-80 PI avg

From what this tells me is that my 811s cannot read worth a CRAP (if anyone thinks this is a RMA issue let me know), otherwise I’m just going to buy a READER for my machine to use in addition to the burner.

I’d be nice if my 811s could read as good as my roommate’s 451s, but since it doesn’t, I need something that can READ as good as the 451s can if there is a reader out there that can do that.

I have read some of the reviews here about the HD166S and people say it is really good. My question is, is it as good as the 451s is at reading? My roomate’s 451s can read just about anything, even really bad discs that my 811s cannot even recognize (as can easily be understood from the PI differences)

Again, any and all advice is welcome, thanks!!!

  • Dave

hmmmm i might just for the heck of it flash my 166-S with this hacked 167 Firmware lol
just to see the outcome :slight_smile:

though from what i read above the hardware seems the same only new revision firmware and may offer better readability ect.


I guess it means that your 811S isn’t reading as well and that it’s “seeing” more errors on the disc than other drives. This is most likely a problem with your particular drive, as I’ve seen many 811S drives that do not do that.

The 166S is a good reader. But, well, it’s not the same. It can read faster, but it doesn’t carry as much DVD-related error correction as a DVD burner. Personally, I’d like to have both. A DVD-ROM (or combo) for day-to-day reading because it’s fast and I’ll use my LiteOn DVD writer to read DVD discs that my combo chokes on (though that’s happened only once, and it was a quasi-coastered burn that resulted from a bit of experimentation that I did… hehe)


Be careful. The 165H and 166S had pretty much the same specs, but people didn’t crossflash them. It might be dangerous to crossflash the 166S/167T, and personally, I don’t think that it’ll offer you any benefit… but if you really want to try…

well i did the flash just for future refrence

flash went perfect 100% in windows :slight_smile:

rebooted and perfect again no led problem and was detected correctly i did update the bootcode aswell.

now here is the funny part lol

the drive tray was broken :confused: wouldnt eject for some reason so i flashed back
but in windows it was detected correctly and also nero info tool showed everything correctly aswell.

recovered perfectly :stuck_out_tongue: i always recover lol

anyway i may try this again in the future but this time i wont update the bootcode as this may have been the cause as i have never updated bootcode before on any flashes i have done…

also may try DOS flash as it may be stabler than in windows even though windows went perfectly :confused:


Don’t do it. It’ll be a waste of your time.

The bootcode does not control tray operation. The bootcode maintains the minimal basic functionality of the drive, like making sure that it gets detected by the system. The bootcode is fine if you can still detect the drive.

A DOS flash will be no different than a Windows flash. You will get the exact same result. The only reason ever to use a DOS flash would be to recover a dead drive. The problem is that the 167T firmware is simply incompatible with the 166S hardware (not a big surprise), and no matter how many different flashing techniques you try (DOS vs. Windows, BC vs. no BC, etc.), you can’t change that fact.