Anyone own or heard reviews on this particular burner?



I am looking to buy the Pioneer DVR-108 EXTERNAL driver for my computer. Do you guys and girls have any opinions on this…or is there another brand of external driver i should look at for no more than 200 bucks?



I believe has the DVR-108 external burner for like 140 bucks…that is where i was gonna get my burner from.


That’s not such a bad price for a USB burner but you can put it together yourself in just a few minutes for closer to $120 from Newegg with a Bytecc enclosure.

If you plan to burn anything at 16x, you might want to consider a firewire enclosure although the UDMA-66 mode of the 108 would probably allow it to work ok. USB 2.0 is pushing it at 16x and the higher IDE speed evidently helps to get the full USB bandwidth.



What are the best type of dvdr disks should i get if i decide to get the external version of this pioneer burner?

your reccomendations


Read the foums. I like +R and have tried to stick with Ritek that are frequently RICOHJPNR01 media code. There are a bunch of posts regarding FujiFilm 8x +R. I got some at Fry’s that are very highly regarded TY media made in Japan. The +R ones made in Taiwan are said to be RICOHJPNR02 which are also said to be very good.



anyone own or heard reviews on this particular burner?

… just released --> look here !! :wink: