Anyone order a 716A from Newegg lately?



They have them for 114-30 MIR so I was thinking about getting one. Can anyone tell me what the TLA # is and when they purchased it ?


#2 has them for 114 with free ship and a $10 or $5 instant coupon. Check APEX for a coupon. Final cost $79 or less! :cool:


I just got mine last week from newegg and it is 0203


Some have got a 0304 from various places in the world. It will be interesting to see what I get next week from California(


Mine too was 0203 just couple weeks ago. Think my friend just got a 0203 today from NewEgg as well.


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This is my first PLEX! You guys have some good links to FW sites for PLEX? :cool:


the only “unofficial” Plex firmwares are the Dangerous Bros. Region-free ones. all other firmwares are official or beta directly from Plextor.


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I bought the 716A last weekend (Feb 6th to be exact) when New Egg had it for $112.99 + $3.50 shipping. I live on the East Coast and it was shipped from New Jersey on Feb 7th. It was a 0203 model manufactured in December 2004.

I think most of those 0304 models are coming directly from Plextor’s European Headquarters/Warehouse. Probably won’t see those stateside for another couple weeks.


TLA# 0203 @ my BB still on sale for 90 some odd US$ after rebates.


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I got 716A from Newegg yesterday. TLA#0203 and Mfg.Date is Dec.2004.
Damn. But it’s DOA.


sorry to hear it was DOA…well, at least you’ve got another shot at a TLA 0304.


Okay guys so whats the difference between 0203 and 0304? Do these numbers apply to PATA drives or SATA drives or both? Lastly what does TLA stand for?

I just ordered the PATA version of this drive on Newegg today and it has a $30 MIR. I would have gotten the SATA version if I still had available slots left.


the first 2 digits are the hardware revision, the last 2 are the firmware version. applies to all drives. no idea what it actually stands for.


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Thanks again for all the info guys.


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Top Level Assembly
seen in this Plextor FAQ:

may be G@M3FR3@K will put that in the Plextor FAQ, general question!


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