Anyone On here staying with "G" Firmware

Any OEM users still following the G series firmware upgrade.

I havent done the G to B yet because i dont know of any positives other than quicker firmware upgrades for the B series.

Would be interesting to hear from others.

The G/B firmware’s are the same in all but name.

Went from G7M9 to G7P9. Haven’t found a reason to try the B stuff yet other than it supposedly supports 4X DL but I don’t plan on blowing the cash on DL media.

Yep - have the NU DW163 rebadge, upgraded the G7P9, but otherwise I’m staying in “G” for at least a few months, until the warranty is closer to expiration and some reason emerges to move to “B” firmware.

I have the rebagged Pacific Digital Mach 16 version it came with the G7c9 Hey for 55 bucks it sure beat most deals out there.I flashed to the B7T9 works good and I can also use the BenQ Qscan to check some of my diska it was worth it to go to the B version so I could use the Qscan and I’m compatible with the BenQ firmwares which will be easy to install from now on

I went from OEM DW1620 G7C9 to B7T9. I don’t know if I gained anything as I did this immediately after receiving the drive. I’m pretty happy as I am now successfully burning leftover media that my Lite-on 451S was creating coasters with.

Later versions of firmware tend to correct issues - some of which may never be reported. Since the “G” firmware always seems to be a couple of revs behind the “B”, staying with it means that you will always be a couple of revs behind.

Since it’s easy to convert from “G” to “B” (and vice-versa), and once you’re converted you can directly use any future “B” firmwares, then you’re accepting a “second-class” solution if you fear warranty issues.

And remember, these drives are so cheap that nobody is likely to be able to afford to take the time to check the firmware anyway.

Howabout a related question. Is anybody staying with HP firmware on HP branded BenQ products? After changing to BenQ firmware, did any HP owners get some odd issues? I’ve seen some news that there’s a bit less overspeed on some of the OEM for HP, Dell, etc. . .

I’m still using G firmware… have thought about changing. G7P9 supports 4xDL and Benq’s scanning utility and CD-Speed both work with this f/w. Thought about finally making the switch with the new B7T9 out, but have seen a lot of messages from folks who have gone back to an earlier f/w after some issues with T, so think I will wait a bit longer.

Hi Omar. :eek: :stuck_out_tongue:

Im new here. Can any body tell me the way to change the firmware from G to B ? Sorry I cant find the right thread/forum.

There are several threads on the “cross flashing” - check at the top for the “unofficial firmware” page - it has ALL the stuff, and the posts have lots of hints and tips, so read through it.

I’m still waiting to do it myself. I want a full clear path to warranty coverage in the meantime, and since G7P9 let’s me run BenQ’s QScan (which the older one’s don’t), and since “T” hasn’t quite received an “all clear” from the majority of members here, the “P” seems to be quite good on balance.

Still, there’s something about being most current that’s attractive; I’ll get to it soon. I downloaded nearly everything on the “unofficial” page - a great resource!

I haven’t liked the newest B7T9 firmware. For me, the B7P9 firmware has given me the best results. It allows high speed error scanning when using Nero CD-DVD Speed. Also, it supports 4x speed burning on DVD+R DL discs. Therefore, I have no reason to upgrade my firmware right now. If B7T9 worked better with certain media and I was going to buy a lot of that specific media, then maybe I would change. But, B7P9 gives me the best results with my current media and also allows me the features I want.