Anyone notices better speeds?

As you can read here:

We did a server upgrade, does any of you notice a speed difference (cable/asdl/faster users) in the build up of the page ? For what I can see the server has now 3 times more power and the load has dropped from 1.20 tot 0.30

Well, I am at university right now and indeed, here the site is much faster now :slight_smile:

At the moment not noticable because of the slow loading speeds of advertisements

Yeps it’s faster… seems like I’m browsing the forum from my (well working IBM;)) harddrive!

Much better than before…it rox!:wink: (using a 10Mbit Lan optical fiber)

Yes, it sometimes took over a seconds to load a forum, with 100 MBit… that’s fixed now :stuck_out_tongue:

The pages appear a lot quicker now Here in Letterkenny IT (in Ireland). I use to get the occasional timeouts before, but not now. :slight_smile:

Improvement noticed here, on 640mb DSL. Maybe twice as quick to load.

Definitely a lot quicker with my 56kb connection. :smiley:

Considerabley faster.

At the moment I notice how the text of the forum comes in with 10KB/s, which is almost instantely, but the images take a lot longer to load, they come in with a speed of 1KB/s… very strange behaviour, never noticed it before. Also tried some other website, and they load completely and very quickly… At the moment there are 26 members and 83 guest at the forum.

Same observation here, it’s always been that way, images are very slow to load, even though they are of small size.

It’s incredibly slow at the moment, and the current server load is 1.25, 1.13, 1.36 with 119 users online (32 members & 87 guests).

This is the same as before the upgrade, so somethings weird here…

Yes it’s unbelievable slow. We suspect it should be solved with a memory upgrade, because we have no memory free at busy times. This upgrade should have been done two days ago, and I’m currently stalking the person responsible for more memory :wink:

I’m currently stalking the person responsible for more memory

What if the person who is responsible for memory…forgets?


The memory upgrade has been done, unfortunately no improvement, we have however found another failure, something to do with Apache PHP and PHPcaching software, hopefully all will be fixed tomorrow…

Much better speed at this time, but the image files still download slower than they should. There must be some HTML coding that could speed them up?

Looks ok now.


Not any faster for me, but I don’t care.