Anyone Needing Athlon XP2500+ Barton CPUS?

If anybody’s interested , there’s a company on E-bay with a load of these and Maxtor 80 gig hd’s. Says they are pulls from some office machines ? Bids startin at $9.99 + $9.99 s&h. Seems from the feedback on these items people are happy and not many dead ones ? I got one for the starting price and another @$11.50. I’ll know soon enough ! I’ve got a couple of NF7-s V2.0 boards still here that were able to take these chips between 2.2 to 2.5mhz for some nice overclocks !
The usual “AS IS” disclaimer but what the hell ! I’ve blown more $$ away experimenting with different crappy media.


Would [B]really[/B] help - if you gave us the direct link to the auction-eh!

Oops !
The processors are getting low now but plenty of harddrives.