Anyone need some Yaiyo Yuden's?



I have (250) TYG 02 DVD -R 8x Hub printable Taiyo Yuden NEW and untouched bought from the supermedia store that i don’t want because i misorderd them wanting +r’s and they want 15% restocking fee.

I also have (250) Yuden000-T02 Taiyo Yuden 8x silver thermal DVD +r from supermedia store.

I bought an epson 300r to do labeling on my dvds and wanted dvd +r hub white printables to book type to dvd-rom with my PX716A.

I have paypal account and will send what you want usps with signature certification.

Let me know, i will charge exact shipping cost and want .62 /each for printables and .43,each for sivler thermal. These disc are NEW and i have only had one coaster out of my last 500-600 ones used when burning with my PX716 or Pio dvr 107d. Email me at or i can give you my number.


they are over priced

i can get the same media at cost vers their bloated price :confused: