Anyone need InCD ? (it works!)

For those of you having problems with the “read-only” errors when sending folders to CDRW media with InCD or InCD 5 I can email you a .zip of which definitely works fine. I couldn’t upload it here…too big I guess.
I assure you it’s safe.

You can find it in the OEM folders at That would be the easier way to get it.

Couldn’t find that. Anyway, I was only offering it, as I had to ask around for it in the first place when I accidentally deleted my backup of the older versions.

I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on that version. I installed the latest and have had nothing but trouble on my new laptop. I’d like to try it out to see if it works. Would you mind sending me a zip with My e-mail address is rhvbm at


I sent it to you. The ftp site was having problems yesterday when I posted that.

You can download it here >

Peter, you were absolutely right. I’m so glad I came upon your post! With I couldn’t write anything to my dvd-rw, always getting a read-only error. After downloading and installing the copy of you sent me, all is well. You are a life saver! Thanks!

Rolling56, I didn’t see your post until after I had already downloaded and installed the copy Peter sent me, but thanks for the tip. I hunted all around Nero’s ftp site last night for this version but never thought to look in the OEM Sony folder. It’s like searching for a needle in a haystack.

Needless to say, I’m now going to hang on to this version forever! :slight_smile:

This is what I get using anything above when right-clicking and using “send to” on any Windows folders (My Music, My Pictures etc.) my folders…OK.

If anyone needs to contact me please use the PM system. The latest person to ask has emailed me twice and I still don’t know if they received the file. There’s a download of it here (for as long as it’s available).

Thanks Ex_Brit! That solved my problem. Nice :clap:

If you all wrote to Nero about it they might do something about it. All I get from them is “we can’t reproduce this” type replies.
Obviously they changed something drastic in all versions since

Have you tried the new version ?


Yes, still the same.