Anyone Need Any TY or Verbatim Blanks?

Just throwing this out there but i have a few 100 TY’s and a few 100 Verbatim blanks if someone is interested. They are old but have been kept in a climate controlled basement in SW Missouri and should be just fine i would think.

Hey there Bob!

Don’t need your discs, but thought I’d say hi anyway. I’m burning four discs a year I think. :slight_smile: Well, maybe not even that much come to think of it.

I am in the same position, I have a few thousand Sony MIJ TY Yuden T02 (white tops) that I bought in 2006, I havent burned a disc for 7 or 8 years , my current rig doesn’t even have a 5.25" bay in it. I do have an external player but I havent used it at all. I have found everything I used discs for , I can just as easily use a USB drive for. I ebayed all my original DVD discs and mostly gave all the others away. If I want to watch a movie I can stream it . And its great to hear from you BOB , dont be shy come back and visit us again. LOL

It’s interesting this topic arises when I happen to be bashing around on “The Old Freaks” site, and I think there’s a potential for we “Old 'Freaks” to do something good. I believe we can save a good portion of blank media from being land-filled as “no longer relevant stockpile.” I feel funny throwing my hat in the ring and saying, “I can definitely put a large supply of DVD (and likely CD-R) media to good use,” as I have not been active here in a VERY long time, but in fact, I can put it to good use.

I have high-end VinPower Digital duplicators loaded with Sony/Optiarc AD-7240S drives, and I also have several Epson 220/300/310 inkjet printers that I tuneed up to print inkjet labels at a rate of 1 disc per minute PER PRINTER, so yeah, I’m set up like that! :slight_smile: (yes, I’m still a CD Freak)

I could start making use of DVD media immediately, and would love to hear from anyone that would like to clear out a shelf and not feed the landfill.

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I don’t burn much CD/DVD media anymore but I still do a little here and there as lately I been going back to the old school stuff for playing my music on-the-go, which is my old Sony CD Walkman (model D-EJ611) which has a mfg date of Dec 1999 and I likely bought it probably sometime in 2000, maybe 2001. but it’s been collecting dust (well not, since I stored it in a ziplock bag) since I think 2008 until recently. so that’s making me burn some occasional AUDIO CD’s.

hell, I still have around 75 CD-R’s (of a 100 pack) of Mitsui brand which I probably had since early-to-mid 2000’s which I paid I think $50 for a 100-pack, which is a little steep for CD-R’s but they got a coating over the discs etc.

but as far as DVD’s… I strictly use the Verbatim and Taiyo Yuden discs (100 pack of each) I had quite a few years ago for burning higher importance data backup like family photos/videos. but since I don’t take boatloads of pictures/videos in general these will last me for years to come.

so in other words… I probably won’t be buying more CD/DVD stuff unless I get it at a great price etc.

Good to see you’re still around Bob. :smiley: I hope you are well and enjoying life. You might be the last of the original Old Farts left standing.

I would love to add you discs to my stash. They would be well looked after and have thousands of other TYs & Verbatims of all varieties to keep them company. But alas the postage to Woostershire would be prohibitively expensive. (And there’s the small matter of space.)

Just off to pay for a 10pk of Metal AZO CD-R on Ebay. Hope the powers that be don’t find out; already sneaked 375 BD-R into the house in the past month (some seriously good Verbatim DL+ Professional & FTI, plus a 25pk of Panasonic not yet tested).

Make that 405 BD discs. Forgot to include some Verbatim DL discs - 2x10pk BD-R DL and 10pk BD-RE DL. (The BD-RE DL are extremely useful. I try to ensure I’ve always got some blanks handy.)

Hey there everyone Kerry Alan Ibex Joe_Dirt and all. and to The ones wanting them i would have to dig them out and see what the MID is on them. I imagine the packs are all different.
I really posted this as a joke because i figured everyone still had a bunch left over lol.
Anyway i wish they would bring back the chatbox aka Catbox and i’ll try to find time to dig them out. Take care to all of you and have a good one.

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MID on the Sony white top Tys are Yuden-000-T02 ( all MIJ )

I will take them.

TY T02 burns very well at 12x in my writers, and I’d certainly make use of them should you choose to bless me with any.

On the subject of nostalgia, what ever happened to Big Mike and Liggy? Also, RipIt? I see you guys, and Arachne and Dee are still around, but saw Mike last posted quite awhile ago. I didn’t look Liggy up, but also didn’t see him pop up in any recent posts.

I’ll be away tomorrow (or today, as it actually is very early in the morning right now, but will be checking back again soon.

Bob, quite frankly, I’d be interested in just about any MID as long as it is capable of writes that will hold up for at least a few months when written by Sony/Optiarc AD-7240S drivers, especially if they’re inkjet printable. (White or Silver, doesn’t matter) They would not just sit around un-burned, and would NOT be used to distribute anything that would violate copyright laws in any way.

No hole in my soul yet. I still dig them blues.

No clue where that strange “Liggy” guy ended up. :rofl:

Didn’t do any firmware work for quite a while now, only tried to collect everything that was no longer available after went down and published the source code of some of my tools including Binflash and my bootcode flashing tools.

Regarding the topic - don’t want to be fully offtopic - I still burn discs every now and then (MCC004 mostly printable and Panasonic BD-R) and currently I have a large pile of stuff that still needs to be burned. However I also built myself a NAS and tools server where I put things on, so I always have some kind of a backup

If you ever find out let me know :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Hey Joe

Big Mike passed away in April of 2017. I don’t think I ever heard the cause, but I believe he had diabetes for years.

Its been longer than that since I last saw Arachne. I don’t think she’s been around for the last four years.

Hey, I guess saying, “Hi Stranger” would be the reply, if and only if you’re any stranger than I am. I’ve yet to invest in BD-R drives, as I have always burned a ton of CD-R Audio. (Live discs from lectures or performances) All TY or toward the end, TDK stamper MID from FTI. Still have a couple VinPower Digital duplicators loaded up with the Sony/Opti drives I mentioned above. They’re good drives for DVD media too.

The reason I never invested in BD-R is, well, it’s still optical. :slight_smile:

It’s nice to see you Liggy, and I have really appreciated the things you and Dee, as well as folks like The Dangerous Brothers have done to allow people (like me) to actually use the hardware we’ve paid for.

Rock on! :slight_smile:

Hi Kerry,

I figured he must have passed, because a spatula and a stick of dynamite couldn’t have made him leave. I’m sure he’s on one FANTASTIC cruise in the great here-after! He sure knew how to have fun. RIP Big Kahuna, and enjoy the journey my friend.

Maybe all this mention of Arachne might bring her out of hiding. I hope so. She seemed like a really great gal, though I don’t think she really knew it. I can only hope she’s well, joyful and safe. Hell, that’s my hope for all of us, eh?

Some of us still sneaker-net fairly regularly, and that’s where optical media really shines. WORM it and forget it. :slight_smile: I don’t often have more than 700mb of anything to give anyone, but when I do, it’s generally OS related, and 4.7G DVD is still filling that bill just fine for the moment. That’s what I was actually thinking about is distributing free Linux Live and install discs to my local libraries to try and spur some local interest. We have more cows than people in this county at a rate of more than 5 cows per human. I like it that way, because a higher percentage of cows are actually nice. :smile:

None-the-less, in little country towns there’s still a good deal of “technology is bad and kids should shun it, but gossip is still kinda fun,” type thinking. {sigh} No-place is without it’s faults. (CDFreaks aside, of course.)

It’s nice to see some of the old crew, Kerry. Thanks for the head’s up, though the news is sad. I sure do hope my message finds you and yours finer than frog hair!

Shhhhhh . . . Don’t move to quick or turn around. He’s RIGHT BEHIND YOU MAN!

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