Anyone Need Any TY or Verbatim Blanks?

Just throwing this out there but i have a few 100 TY’s and a few 100 Verbatim blanks if someone is interested. They are old but have been kept in a climate controlled basement in SW Missouri and should be just fine i would think.

Hey there Bob!

Don’t need your discs, but thought I’d say hi anyway. I’m burning four discs a year I think. :slight_smile: Well, maybe not even that much come to think of it.

I am in the same position, I have a few thousand Sony MIJ TY Yuden T02 (white tops) that I bought in 2006, I havent burned a disc for 7 or 8 years , my current rig doesn’t even have a 5.25" bay in it. I do have an external player but I havent used it at all. I have found everything I used discs for , I can just as easily use a USB drive for. I ebayed all my original DVD discs and mostly gave all the others away. If I want to watch a movie I can stream it . And its great to hear from you BOB , dont be shy come back and visit us again. LOL

It’s interesting this topic arises when I happen to be bashing around on “The Old Freaks” site, and I think there’s a potential for we “Old 'Freaks” to do something good. I believe we can save a good portion of blank media from being land-filled as “no longer relevant stockpile.” I feel funny throwing my hat in the ring and saying, “I can definitely put a large supply of DVD (and likely CD-R) media to good use,” as I have not been active here in a VERY long time, but in fact, I can put it to good use.

I have high-end VinPower Digital duplicators loaded with Sony/Optiarc AD-7240S drives, and I also have several Epson 220/300/310 inkjet printers that I tuneed up to print inkjet labels at a rate of 1 disc per minute PER PRINTER, so yeah, I’m set up like that! :slight_smile: (yes, I’m still a CD Freak)

I could start making use of DVD media immediately, and would love to hear from anyone that would like to clear out a shelf and not feed the landfill.

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I don’t burn much CD/DVD media anymore but I still do a little here and there as lately I been going back to the old school stuff for playing my music on-the-go, which is my old Sony CD Walkman (model D-EJ611) which has a mfg date of Dec 1999 and I likely bought it probably sometime in 2000, maybe 2001. but it’s been collecting dust (well not, since I stored it in a ziplock bag) since I think 2008 until recently. so that’s making me burn some occasional AUDIO CD’s.

hell, I still have around 75 CD-R’s (of a 100 pack) of Mitsui brand which I probably had since early-to-mid 2000’s which I paid I think $50 for a 100-pack, which is a little steep for CD-R’s but they got a coating over the discs etc.

but as far as DVD’s… I strictly use the Verbatim and Taiyo Yuden discs (100 pack of each) I had quite a few years ago for burning higher importance data backup like family photos/videos. but since I don’t take boatloads of pictures/videos in general these will last me for years to come.

so in other words… I probably won’t be buying more CD/DVD stuff unless I get it at a great price etc.

Good to see you’re still around Bob. :smiley: I hope you are well and enjoying life. You might be the last of the original Old Farts left standing.

I would love to add you discs to my stash. They would be well looked after and have thousands of other TYs & Verbatims of all varieties to keep them company. But alas the postage to Woostershire would be prohibitively expensive. (And there’s the small matter of space.)

Just off to pay for a 10pk of Metal AZO CD-R on Ebay. Hope the powers that be don’t find out; already sneaked 375 BD-R into the house in the past month (some seriously good Verbatim DL+ Professional & FTI, plus a 25pk of Panasonic not yet tested).

Make that 405 BD discs. Forgot to include some Verbatim DL discs - 2x10pk BD-R DL and 10pk BD-RE DL. (The BD-RE DL are extremely useful. I try to ensure I’ve always got some blanks handy.)

Hey there everyone Kerry Alan Ibex Joe_Dirt and all. and to The ones wanting them i would have to dig them out and see what the MID is on them. I imagine the packs are all different.
I really posted this as a joke because i figured everyone still had a bunch left over lol.
Anyway i wish they would bring back the chatbox aka Catbox and i’ll try to find time to dig them out. Take care to all of you and have a good one.