Anyone knows who manufactures this Ridatas?

I bought some Ridata discs, but they aren’t recognized in my LiteOn LVW-5005.
I can’t get the Media Code from my LiteOn SOHD-167T.
The disc is a DVD-R 4x Ridata branded on the hub and it’s printable. It has a white top and the recording side is purple, the numbers in the hub are: DR5A02.-61119
Does anyone know which is the manufacturer?

Thanks in advance.

Search here: :iagree:

Search DVD Media: Ridata
Media type: DVD-R
Burn speed: 4

I ran a search and there is only one result.

i believe that ridata is one of ritek’s own brand’s. so they should be made by ritek, and should be ritek g04 discs.

Ridata are made by ritek, most are ritek mid but sometimes you can get dvdr with ricoh mid

Ridata is manufactured by Ritek, it’s their own brand name. Be careful not to confuse with Ridisc, this brand uses different manufacturers.

Only Ritek DVD+R have the Ricoh code. All of the -R are Ritek MID.