Anyone knows what's the MID for Fuji DVD+R Double Layer?

I noticed that ripit just posted the upcoming ads, and the Best Buy ad features Fuji DVD+R DL for 15 pk at $29. Anyone has any experience on this DL, and what’s the media code on this one?

Just Did A Search

Didn’t Come Up With Much Sorry :confused:

Thanks, Pulsee. It could be a Ritek so don’t want to take a chance.

Should be Ricoh D00-01. Not bad on some burners, totally unsupported on some burners, and very poor on some burners. I use them if I can get them for $2 or less. I burn them in my LG at 2.4x.

Conclusion: Use Verbatims. :wink:

Does the NEC 3500 work well with the Ricoh mid???
I am kinda tempted to pick these up.

Ehh 2.4x or 8x Dual layer from FUJI.
2.4x RICOH code as above stated.
8x Probably FUJIFILM-FR1

I was just looking at the BB ad. These are a completely new package for Fuji, so all bets are off. They could be anything. Also, the price is the same as Verbatim when it’s on sale, so I would say you should hold off on buying these unless somebody posts their code here. (unless they say made in Singapore on them)

The answer to your question is.


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The last time I bought Fuji Dual Layer DVD+R disc from Best Buy they were RITEK D01.

Luckily my NEC ND-3500A don’t do too bad with them.

I am staring at four 3PKs as I type this.

Of course these were the 3PKs but rdgrimes is correct, the package on the ones in the ad is new.

I looked at scans of DLs in the BenQ 1655 forum, and there are only two RICOHJPN D01 scans. Both are OK but the PIE and PIF totals are just too much compared to the MKM 001. I’ll just wait for the next Verb sale which hopefully will be next week. :slight_smile: