Anyone knows how to deal with "xi-lock"?

Hi people!
I was wondering if anyone here have heard of “xi-lock”? Well I have problem with this kinda lock on CDs. I don’t know if it is really its name, any way I got it in a txt file inside of a in-this-way-locked CD: When you copy the content of a CD that locked with this lock, to your HDD, it will appear as a 2 GB file in your Hard Drive; no matter what the real size of it is on CD (even it’s less than 1 MB), it’ll appear as 2 GB file in your HDD. In fact I’m searching for a way to overcome it, or even know the real name of it. Anyone who knows something about this, please help me! You’ll do me a great favor! Thanks in advance

It’s using dummy files. Just use any app that reads in RAW mode.

If it’s just dummy files, you can probably also copy it with nero by simply checking the ignore illegal toc option.