Anyone know why these DVD-R discs wont burn?



Ok ill give some details…

I have a NEC ND-2100AD DVD+RW drive, and i have some DVD-R discs from the company maxell, 4.7 gig single sided 1-8x speed. I have a DELL computer, about a year old, and some decent software, and use Nero 6 to burn.

Ok now for the problem lol…

I select the files id like to burn, put one of these discs in, (btw newly bought, got em yesturday) and click burn. Then i get an error saying there are no discs in the drive, even when there is, and it ejects the disc without burning. Does anyone have any idea why?

Whats also strange is that i have some other single side, DVD-R 4.7 gig discs by a company called Mr. DVD and they burn fine. So to me that rules out the possibilty of the program Nero not working properly. It just doesnt seem to read the discs, if anyone knows the problem, or/and how to fix it id much appreciate your help, thanks.


Just to clarify…your DVD burner will burn both - and + discs? I ask because I’m not familiar with that burner (or the ones Dell use).

It’s just that you state your drive is a DVD+ burner, and that you put in - discs.

In case I’m wrong (which is highly likely :bigsmile: ), and the problem lies elsewhere, can you download DVD Identifier, run it, and pop in each of those discs (the Maxell and Mr. DVD ones)? The MID code may come in handy for those that try to help.



lol hmm Minus doesnt exist >.>

DVD-R means rewritable once, thats all… that isnt a minus it is only a dash lol. Fir instance DVD-RW discs would be rewritable more than once. And also just to state, Nero 6 isnt an official Dell burner, i just mentioned i had a dell incase that may make some type of difference to why these wont burn.

Thanks for posting though.

I did register just to ask this question, so i dont knwo much myself, what is a MID code. Tell me and ill add that to.


@ Xblacker,

Suggest obtaining either DVD Identifier ( or DVDInfo ( These utility software programs will display what type of DVD media your DVD Burner will burn and play.

If I remember correctly the stock NEC ND-2100 DVD Burner only burned +DVD media.

There is an update Firmware that converts a ND-2100 to a ND-2500, which will burn booth ±DVD media. Below is a download link to the 2100@2500 update Firmware.

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Both DVD-R and DVD+R do indeed exist :wink:

I was talking about the NEC drive in your Dell PC being able to write to both DVD-Rs and DVD+Rs. Since you said it was a DVD+R burner, I was asking if it could only burn to DVD+Rs :wink:

And if you download and run DVD Identifier, pop a disc in, you should get all sorts of info about the disc, including the Media ID code (tells you who actually made those Maxell or Mr. Data discs). :wink:


Thanks, bjkg, that was what I was curious to know. :)…could be as I thought - that could be the problem. :slight_smile:

Edit: and the posts are out of whack again :doh:


Hi :slight_smile:
You could also try Liggy & Dees’ site.Link:


@ Xblacker,

For clarification ->

There is both DVD- (Minus) and DVD+ (Plus) DVD Media. Both the DVD-R and DVD+R DVD Media can only be recorded once. DVD-R and DVD+R DVD Media is referred to as recordable media. There is also DVD-RW and DVD+RW DVD Media, which can be erased and re-recorded again. The DVD-RW and DVD+RW DVD Media is referred to as ReWritable.

Either DVD Identifier ( or DVDInfo ( will reveal the MID (Manufacture ID and Media Code) (Example:TYG02) of DVD Media.

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This might work but I know that when previous models like the ND1100 (+R only) were cross flashed to ND1300 (+R/-R) the success rate was quite low & then only a few media would work. Nothing to lose though as it should still work fine on +R media.


[01:23:52] ERROR : Unable To Initialize Disc : Not ready - Medium not present [02/3A/00]

This is what i get when i try to indetify the disc in the indentifyer so i mite try the firmware update. Thanks alot everyone, i really didnt have a clue about the minus and plus lol. Well i guess i dotn burn enough to know but this is important, so i really appreciate all your help, and ill repost if i get it fixed = )

…Id just like to say in my computer it says my drives are DVD/CD-RW drives

Not to sure how this update works either = / theres a program similar to CMD but when i run it it does nothing then turns off lol…


Update your firmware to change the drive from a 2100 to a 2500 as has been suggested, it WILL work and solve your problems.


@ Xblacker,

Total unaware of exactly what you are referring to in the above statement. What do you mean by -> “theres a program similar to CMD but when i run it it does nothing then turns off”.

Please explain in detail exactly what you are talking about.

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Well im you know CMD, aka control prompt, its like a black box that opens, well the program from the 2100-2500 is similar to that and as i said when i double clikc it aka run it, it stays still then turns itself off. Now ill be honest i dont have a clue how to do it and to be honest the instructions dont make sense to me either >.<. Well i dled the 2100-2500 and you get three files, 1 called binary, one called README (which i cant understand properly) and one called NEC2X00A.

This is whats in the README file, maybe someone can decipher it for a noob like me to unerstand (thanks again everyone)

NEC ND-2100A(D) -R/RW Media, RPC1 and Rip Speed Firmware BETA

An RPC1 firmware defeats the internal counters within the drive and
removes region enforcement. This only is HALF of the equation. You
need to use DVD Genie or similar software to control your player

This is a patched verion of the 2500A 1.06 firmware that should allow
your 2100A(D) drive to write -R and -RW media. Testing suggests that it
achieves that goal, but there is a great deal of media and the drive
might not have any calibration data to fully support all them.

Flashing this firmware requires some risk on your part. If you are not
comfortable with this please do not proceed. We cannot guarantee they will
work or flash correctly in any environment out of our control.

The flash process requires Real DOS, a DOS box under Windows is not suitable.

The syntax for the flasher, assuming a Secondary Master is

nec2x00a -sec -mas -flash 21002500.BIN

Make a backup of your current ROM first

nec2x00a -sec -mas -out BACKUP.BIN

Vlad & Igor, The Dangerous Brothers.


@ Xblacker,

As clearly stated in the READ ME file you need to be performing the flashing procedure in REAL DOS and not in the Windows DOS Command Prompt.

If this whole procedure sounds like some type of foreign language and you really don’t understand the READ ME file then the DVD Burner Firmware flashing is a task you should avoid. You can easily damage your DVD Burner if you don’t understand what you are doing.

This Forum (CD and DVD Burning Software) is the inappropriate Forum to educate a Forum Member in how to flash DVD Burner firmware.

Suggest visiting the appropriate Forum – NEC DVD Burner Forum ( and inquire there on how to perform the 2100@2500 upgrade flashing procedure.

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