Anyone know why I can't use Nero's CD-DVD Speed's quality test with a px-716a?

Can’t click on the start button for some reason. If I switch to my dvd-rom, I can then start up a test.

Anyone know why I can’t use Nero’s CD-DVD Speed’s quality test with a px-716a?

Well, care to share? :stuck_out_tongue:

Plextor drives are not supported in Nero CD-DVD Speed. You should use either Plextor’s own PlexTools software to test your discs or alexnoe’s free PxScan/PxView software. You might have received a CD-ROM with your Plextor recorder. If you did, changes are PlexTools is located on it.

Yeah, I was going to use plextools but i had no idea what test to run. I’m runing alexnoe’s app now :slight_smile:

In PlexTools the tests are called Q-Check:

C1/C2 are for measuring errors on CD-R/RW media.
PI/PO tests are for DVD±R/RW media.

But alexnoe’s tool also works… :wink:

I Hope in a “Unofficial” patch for Nero DVD Speed, for Plextor Drive, from a some “New or Old” PC Scene Team…

like a Generic Patch …:bigsmile:

Well, care to share? :stuck_out_tongue:
This has been discussed a few times, and this thread should sufficiently explain how Plextor is harassing people who dare implementing scanning ability for plextor drives

Ah ok. Thanks for the info gus. And thanks for your app Alexnoe.