Anyone know who makes this 12x dvd burner?



sold as iomagic 12x dvd DD1203 on the back.

heres the info

Bus Type                            	USB
VID                                 	GENERIC 
PID                                 	DVD RW 12XMax   
F/W Revision                        	100I
Date Code                           	04/05/26
Region                              	Unset
Vendor Resets Available             	4
User Resets Available               	5
RPC Scheme                          	RPC II
Burst Rate                          	12.63 MB/S


Optorite(Sanyo) makes the drive Jamos


yup thanks just found out trying to use thier updated fw.

ack cant upgrade fw…damn iomagic…


hehe it wouldnt even burn my 8x mcc003 at 8x (4x max)…lol 12x drive…going back to store tommorow. and really iomagic if your going to rebage drives please let us atleast update the firmware. and no bitsetting for optowrites to me is a big minus. :Z


Can you post a photo of the back of this drive?

If it looks like this: It’s Optorite.

I believe that the new Sony 12x is also the same dirve.


It already in the box. but i can tell you it looks exactly like the back of that drive your showing except no optowrite logo. it has DD1203 on the top sticker. problem is the fw reports generic 12x drive and wont let me update it with optos newer firmware. I would stay away from iomagic i dont even see a fw download area…


Yes, but don’t forget that no bitsetting is always a plus. :stuck_out_tongue: [/ODD humor]

Eek! Sony is using Optorite? :Z


Yes. The Sony 530A (pretty old drive… 8x) is a rebadged Optorite. The 540A is the 12x Optorite.


SONY baloney… They should just go away.
They take someone else’s drive, dork the firmware, put a fancy bezel on it and then charge twice the price…
When will people learn that you can get your SONY drive for half price by buying the original manufacturer’s model?


Selling Optorite Drives in my opinion is not really the best way to satisfy the customers lol.
Once upon a time there was a Company named sony who manufactured their own Hardware fg


My I/OMagic 8x drive is a BTC 1008. Thankfully it does take the BTC update. For what Sony is charging, they shouldn’t be rebadging Optorites. Even MadDog Multimedia rebadges NEC’s and are a lot cheaper.


Actually, I was looking at getting a 52x combo for my parents (as you might imagine, it didn’t take me long to decide on a 5232K ;)). I looked on Newegg a few days ago, and the Sony 320E (rebadged 5232K) was $40. The 5232K was $48. But then on the flipside the 700A was costing almost twice as much as the 832S.


Wow. Unfortunately, where I live you can find in these days the 700A almost everywhere, while I haven’t seen a 832S yet (I bought it from computeruniverse in Germany). Actually, Liteon as a brand is almost unknown here… :sad:




The firmware for this drive is not from optorite it is from its cousing Accesstek
the updated firmware can be downloaded from DD-1203 Firmware update as im writing this im burn testing with this new firmware. I’ll post results here later on the day.


This firmware update sucks I still have the pixelation problems on all of my burnt dvds I replacing and not buying generic again.
Will buy an original Optorite DD-1203 :slight_smile: is better