Anyone know when the Panasonic 3X DVD-RAM will be out? (LF-M621U)

Am trying to build a new system, one of the final components is the DVD-RAM drive.

The Panasonic LF-D521U (2X DVD-RAM) was unavailble when I started ordering components, as of 10/17/03 it was discontinued. The LF-M621U is its replacement, same features except 3X DVD-RAM.

Only problem as I can’t find any info on it. No one has it for sale, and I can’t find any announcements as to when it will be available.

It’s supposedly been out in Japan since August, and out in Europe (LF-M621E) since October 1.

My current system has an older LF-D200 SCSI DVD-RAM drive at 1X speed that I’ve been using for several years now, so I have shitloads of backups/archives. I use DVD-RAMs when I want the media to behave like a hard disk (delete/overwrite). I stopped using Orb and Jaz media because I got sick of the cartridges going bad on me and losing data.

Dont know about the Panasonic, how about this one?

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Dont know about the Panasonic, how about this one?

Wow, thanks, that one’s better! (does both +/- R/RW)


Yes looks good but does not take DVD-RAM in a Cartridge has to be a bare disc. One of the advantages of DVD-RAM is the protection of the disc in the cartridge.

I will wait for the Panasonic LF-M621U

Ron Evans