Anyone know when the new 32x Liteon that does P-CAV will be out?

I saw at the Liteon has a new 32x burner …that will burn in P-CAV…no zones…write speed averages 29x faster than the 40x cdrw which burns at 26x…

New model: LTR-32125W, P-CAV. Probably just a LTR-40125W with a modified firmware version. Average write speed: 28,8X on a 80min disc. Already sold some places, still use the same box so it’s not easy to see before the box is opened.

LTR-32123S: Average writespeed: 26,2X

LTR-40125S: Average writespeed: 30,5X

LTR-40125W/LTR-40125S with ZS0D firmware: 31,5X Also sold some places. Still same box, need to open the box to see what model it is.

very strange your speeds are faster than they are reporting on…wonder why there are lower…I assume your speeds are based on personal experience looks like the 40x writer is very fast…

what is the difference between the 2 40x cdrw…why is one faster??

The LTR-40125W and LTR-40125S with ZS0D firmware is using P-CAV write technology. That’s why it’s 1X faster than the LTR-40125S with <ZS0C firmware.

I can’t see that my speeds is any faster/slower than the speeds CD-R Info is reporting?

maybe I misread the article but I thought they said the 40x cdrw was burning at 26x as an average…oops