Anyone know what this error means



Just got a new OEM Benq DW1620 and this is what happend when I tried my first burn with DVD Decrypter. Anyone know what that error means?


I’m not sure, but seems like media is not suported. What media are you using.


You have G7H9 fw on your drive … consider updating to G7P9. Search this forum for the safe way to do that (hint: search for “safe mode g7l9 g7p9”).


tdk 8x dvd+r

I’m definitely going to flash it probably to a retail firmware.


Dont know about TDK, try to get the media code with DVDIdentifier or so and search the forum for that media.

Before going to Retail, try G7P9 (bulk) to find out whether you have a hardware problem. Will make RMA possibly easier and safer, and P9 is good according to many ppls experiences. You can go to B7T9 later anyway… when you are sure your drive is good.


I’ve done some searching with Google and found more people with such problems, even with cdr’s from TDK. I think it must be something with the media info on those disks. Maybe using another burning prog will help??
Do you have other brands of dvd’s you can try??


G7H9 is too old to produce good results. Upgrade to G7P9 and try your current media again.


TDK 8X DVD+R’s are “usually” TY media…


I wouldn’t say usually…I’ve seen far more Taiwan TDK 8x +R than Japan. The Taiwan could be RICOHJPNR02 or CMC MAG E01.


Definitely more Taiwanese stuffs around here…also Ricoh or CMC.


flahsed firmware, still didnt work. took a disc from the middle of the 50pk spindle and it burnt fine. Maybe just a bad disc. I still have to check the media code.


Good to know that probably is just a media problem. Make some more tests to be sure. Keep us informed.


The latest batches of BenQ tend to be very picky about media. If those TDKs are Yuden000 T02, then they are still a cut above the average media. Are you trying to burn those discs at 16X? Try a setting of 8X.


Keep us advised. Note any odd behavior with the drive… I’m curious if yours might be one to add to the batch of bad drives manufactured August thru December 2004.