Anyone know what these XP app's are?

Hi everyone. I’ve just gotten WinXP up & running now as a dual boot system,(98/ & XP Home Edition). After going online via my XP partition & installing/setting up my anti-virus software,accessing the net to d/l the latest updates, I then installed ZoneAlarm. (Basic free edition).

It was while accessing the Internet on Win XP Home Ed., a second time,with Zonealarm running that I had two program requests that I’ve never heard of.
One was a internet access request identified as
V.5.1.2600 Mircrosoft Operating system 50kb

The second was a server request which had accessed the 'net before I had installed Zonealarm on XP.
Do you allow Generic Host Process for Win 32 services to access connections from the internet
Application: svchost.exe
Version: 5.1.2600 Microsoft Windows Operating system 12kb

They’re both WinXP/Microsoft app’s, but being an XP newbie, I have no idea what either “spoolsv.exe” or “svchost.exe” are?:confused:
Anything related to Windows XP Windows update?
Thanks in advance for any thoughts,I’ve refused them access via ZoneAlarm, until I know what M$ app’s they are.

svchost.exe is windows services, if you press ctrl+alt+del you’ll see that you have several processes by the name svchost.exe running. You cannot shut them down, they’ll simply restart.
spoolsv is something similar but I don’t know it’s exact purpouse.

Those apps are the core of XP, only accept that they are there and let them surf :slight_smile:

There are several processes that are required to have access, they are detailed in the ZA help files. Generic Host Process is one of them. If you are networking, that might explain the “spoolsv.exe”, but I know of no other reason for it to access the net. You need to enter your network as a “trusted zone” in ZA, (again refer to the help files), in order to stop most of the regular alerts on network activity.

@rdgrimes. Hi, thanks for the reply. No,definitely no networking, not even a networking card for that matter! The closest thing to that is dial-up networking for my dial-up modem.

I’m certain that any options to allow file/printer sharing are switched off/disabled,is there any other options (such as that remote assistance app/wizard),in XP that you need to disable?

I think that fax services may require spoolsv, but I’m not positive.

Originally posted by rdgrimes
I think that fax services may require spoolsv, but I’m not positive.

What about (network) printers ?

No,definitely no networking, not even a networking card for that matter!

Spoolserv is mainly Printers, also used for fax. Any such device withinnetwork are also gonna use spoolserv. I think svchost is part of the kernel and is needed for winxp to run properly but I am unsure of that one.

What is svchost ?

Why so many ?

Hi Guys. Thanks again for taking the time to answer, like I said earlier, XP is definitely a difference to '98 in terms of background tasks.

I do have a Canon bubblejet printer,(USB1.1 & parallel ports, presently running off the USB port),which I guess might account for the spoolsv.exe,although why exactly it’d want to hook up to the internet is beyond me,it’s not like I even had the printer switched on!

It sounds like that scvhost sounds like its vital to XP top function, so I suppose it’s okay,I just don’t like leaving any backdoors for anything to get through. Like I said,ZoneAlarm definitely showed a few more background app’s on XP than it has with my Win 98 partition-I think I’ll know which one I’ll use for any video capturing activities,(Knew I kept FAT 32 partitions for a reason!). :slight_smile:

If you have a printer driver active then any Windows O/S will assume it will need to spool jobs (by spool I mean create a queue) to the printer. Its also assumed that anyone with a PC nowadays will own a printer and in 2k and XP the print spooling function is by default an active service that is in the startup services. In fact, so are many other useless services that by being turned off can increase PC performance greatly, but for this look up tweaks on XP. The SVCHost I guess my assumption was correct in after seeing Mr. Belevdere’s finding, its necessary for XP to run and takes part in the kernel tasks.

I can refer you to many tweak web sites if youw ant, just let me know.

Can you let me know?
Thanks. :slight_smile:


Well, I happen to know from working with all this on a daily basis and browsing many different websites. The most comprehensive which I have seen and is a good start for someone new is probably this one:

Very nice link/breakdown of background tasks, very useful-I’d forgotten all about this thread, thank you! :slight_smile: