Anyone know what the burner is in the staples black friday ad?

the $20 digital research 16x drive?

i came up with this on videohelp

but that doesn’t tell me much.

i saw the words benq and got excited. is there a way to find out?

yes seems to be a benQ from what that page says.

yeah i read that page, and it also says philips…i was wondering if anyone knew any info on what model that drive is and if it’s even really benq since there’s also mention of the philips brand as well.

well i believe that phillips and benq are the same company.

i was unaware. i thought one was a division of the other. i’m not sure though.

any idea what drive that is or no?

Highly likely to be the 1640, or some equivalent that can hopefully be crossflashed :slight_smile:

for 20 bucks i would take a chance.

very true. worse comes to worse i can put it on ebay. regular price on that sucker is like $90

now it’s just a matter of getting to staples before 10am. that wasn’t part of my black friday morning schedule. hmmm…

Can you order this burner online and get the special price as long as you purchase it between those hours.
Thanks, Budzos

i doubt it, that would be too easy.

The Benq 1640 has a CD rewrite speed of 32X, this drive has 24X, so they’re not the same drive.

burn speed has been known to be incorrect on some advertisments. could still be a 1640 :slight_smile:

yes i bought a pacific digital which was a benq1620 and it had different speeds on the box.

Those specs are very old, thats for the original 1600, which became the 1620 pro with everything but minus DL added. I hvae one of those units and it’s still happily plugging along as a 1620 pro now. The drive is probably a 1640 but could be anything as they rebadge whatever they get the best deal on, open it in the store if ya dont like it return it.

I bought one today just for kicks, and it was a BTC DRW1116UI with A188 firmware. From the past and probably nowadays, if the serial numbers all start with a P, you can be sure it’s a BTC. The sticker over the opening flap also had the (in)famous IOMagic label on there. Unfortunately, there was no way of knowing what’s inside the Digital Research box unless you open it. At least the IOMagic-labelled box has some specifications and/or serial numbers printed on the outside to try and figure out.

that drive was really the only reason for a staples trip on friday for me. staples isn’t really near my other regular early am black friday spots, so I might just pass on it. i wouldn’t know what to look for really anyway.

is it just me or does it seem like there’s something fundamentally wrong with being able to package up any old drive and throw random specs on the box and sell it like that?

It sucks, but so long as the drive is accurately described in its general specs, that’s the risk you take if you choose to buy from some brands. It’s the same thing with all sorts of products. DVD media is the same, For example Fuji can sell 8x media and use TY or whatever else they want for media, there’s not a whole lot of room for complaint if it is 8x media.

Hopefully they aren’t all BTC and some are actually Benq, as BTC is :Z

Did you keep the drive? does it have bitsetting? :slight_smile: does it suck :confused:

It does have bitsetting for +R only. I still have the drive, but it’s boxed up ready to be returned. Here are two scans with CMC media, not really good results, even though the reading curve is fine.

CMCMAGAE1 @ 8x PCAV w/A188

CMCMAGE01 @ 8x PCAV w/A188