Anyone know what site im talking about

i found a site in this forum that shows all the sales at every store like dvd media,movie deals,clothes… when u enter that site u put what state ur in and it’ll show u. anyone know what im talking about? if so can link me please. thank you

You might mean ??

i dont think sales hound is it but the site is exaclty like saleshound. cause after u put the state then zip code down they show u a bunch of links of cloths,dvd,games,tools whatever it has but the site is exacty like sales hound. thank you for the answers but anyone else know??

Well, there’s a lot of sites like that, you can do this with saleshound, after you put your zip code in, click the departments link at the top of the page and it shows each department.

yea it was salescircular thank you. and thanks everyone for the answers