Anyone Know what drive this is?



I have what I suspect to be a benq dw800a dvd rewriter. using QScan 1.0, the drive shows up as “ATAPI DVD+RW 8X4X12 XX26”. I’ve read that the DW800As could be firmware upgraded to use DVD-R as well as DVD+R. but everytime I try a different firmware version the flash program tells me that “this firmware version cannot be upgraded” or some such. Does anyone have any ideas.


I tried updating my dw800a to be both +/- and smoked it… expensive paper weight… be careful with upgrading firmware…


I have exactly the same problem. the unit even says DW800A on the case but it only ever identifies itself as ATAPI DVD+RW 8X4X12 and the firmware always comes up as xx26. Nero says so, dvdinfopro says so, even my mac said the same xx26. Unit functions fine otherwise, but I really want -RW!

I couldn’t flash it with any utilities, even under pure dos. Anybody have any ideas?