Anyone know what a valid dvd folder is?

if anyone can, a lil help please… i’m using dvvdfab express & i’m tryin to copy a movie that’s on my hard drive. when i attempt to enter the movie in the source window i get an error message reading my folder isn’t a valid dvd folder. my movies are on an external hard drive. anyone no what a valid dvd folder is? HOLLA BACK!

A valid DVD folder would probably be/contain a folder called VIDEO_TS, in which there are files of thee types - IFO, BUP, and VOB, and the contents of the index file (I have to recall which one it was excatly, but it may be video_ts.ifo or something - but don’t take it for granted) describes correctly the contents of the other files, mainly the VOB files.

It seems you can’t just copy movies to the program, they have to be in DVD format already, that’s why you get the error.