Anyone know this drive?

I got an ISHIKAWA 24x CD-ROM drive (I know it’s very old :stuck_out_tongue: ), and I would like to know if this drive can do protected audio discs. All I know now is that the seek time of this drive is very fast. (Even with poorly damaged disc or a “cover disc for CDRs” :slight_smile: )
Too bad I don’t have any protected audio discs to test… o well… :smiley:
Any comments? :slight_smile:

Euhm you’re the one with the drive, so if you really want to know his behaviour with copyprotected cd’s, I suggest YOU find out FOR US :wink:
No seriously, what’s the use of hearing it from other people without checking yourself? You’ll find out whether it works or not when you try to conquer your first CDS/key2audio/CD and before that very moment, you can live happy without having to worry about it :wink:

I long to the days that I was living happy, without the presence of audio-protections… but those days are gone…

AArrgg CRAP, my Plex40TS rips them all in 5-7min :slight_smile:

I got no test CDs :slight_smile: