Anyone know of good software to save streaming video from has put full episodes of many of their shows on their web site.

The problem is, I don’t want to watch these on my stupid computer monitor. I want to burn them to DVD for watching on TV.

Does anyone know of a way to save the streaming video from this site to the hard disk?

The “full episode player” is at It appears to only work for IP’s from the USA.

I have spent some time looking at it… I can’t find any .flv links in any of the code from the browser cache.

I also tried WM Recorder. It is only able to capture URL’s for the ads (I tried both proxy and adapter modes).

I greatly appreciate any help or insight.

These type Flash videos cannot be downloaded, they are streaming video only.

You need one of the tools that can capture a stream, or a screen-capture program like SnagIt. I use Snagit with a DIVX codec for this type video, and get pretty good results. Watch out for programs that capture video only, there are a few.

Also be aware that the video is mostly low-res, so if you blow it up to 640x480, picture quality will be marginal.

Yeah, I already tried the two top tools for capturing streams, WM Recorder, and Replay A/V, both latest versions. As I said, it can capture the ad that comes up before the video, but when the main video loads up, no URL’s appear for capturing.

That’s really disturbing if there’s no way to save it (other than the SnagIt type program). uses a Flash player, but it must be customized somehow to hide all the URL’s. I would expect to see more video sites (YouTube, Google, etc.) to start using a player like this thats makes the user unable to save the video.


OK, I just found the URL’s, but I also found out that is using a new protocol for embedding .flv streams called RTMP. At the current time, there’s no way to download and save RTMP streams to the hard drive. So CDan is right, the only option is to use a program like Snag-It, which will of course produce inferior results.

Again, pretty disturbing… I would expect to see more sites like YouTube and Google Video start to use RTMP. I heard YouTube has actually sued some people for writing programs that downloads content hosted by them.

Pretty sad. :frowning:

RTMP isn’t all that new. Most all of the big media sites use it or something like it.
I’d say that sites where you CAN grab Flash files are in the minority, at least among the major entertainment sites.

In any case, blowing up web video to DVD resolution will be result in pretty fuzzy or blocky images. Many of them have pretty low frame rates too.

DIVX is the only codec I found that will capture video with decent quality and small file sizes. Works great with SnagIt.

Um,’s high bandwidth full episode videos are very close to DVD resolution:

If RTMP has been around awhile, does anyone know why it’s causing a problem for programs like WM Recorder, Replay A/V, etc.? There seems to be very little information about it on the web, and no Wikipedia article.

I think the pixel figure you have there is for the player, not the video. I captured a bit of a Betty episode, and just the video was about 1/2 of DVD res. I blew it up and it was pretty fuzzy. I know I wouldn’t want to watch it on my 52" monitor.

I see what you did, you hit the button for the bigger image on the player. I get about 700x400 when I capture that. I’m not sure it’s actually a higher-bitrate video when you hit the button to enlarge, (it just stretches the image) but when doing a screen cap it does seem to help the results.

I converted one to 720x480 at 6900 bitrate and it looked about like VHS.

Of course, if you’re going to do a real-time capture, you might as well sit down and just watch the thing on PC. :wink:

It is actually a higher bitrate video. It does not just stretch the image.

Yes, of course the results from doing screen capture are inferior. The .flv files need to be downloaded, but since they are all on RTMP://, it can’t be done. And as I said, I can’t find any explanation on the web, Wikipedia, etc., as to what the hurdles are for creating a program that can download from RTMP.

This sucks. :frowning:


Has anyone tried these two programs?

Do they really save RTMP streams?? Is it true?


I couldnt get either to work with… they recorded the commercial before the show, but not the damn show…i had been using snagit, but that creates way to big avi files…i am looking for a program like snagit that will record the captured video into a mpeg2 video file…

I just capture my laptop’s S-Video output to its own harddrive using my Hauppauge PVR USB2. Works like a champ.

Oh folks. and the main TV networks stream their video using the new FS2 server by adobe. From what I can tell it streams a few seconds of buffered video (FLV) in each direction. These are never saved so you can’t capture the video stream by the normal methods. It also is an advanced RMTP type of server. This means that only signed requests can get a video stream to begin with. In other words, will only accept video request from the player.

The only way I have seen, so far, to capture this type of stream is to one, output the video to a capture device (most new video cards) and have your card ‘capture’ the signal (decent res) or use the DIVX plugin for the snagit capture (low res).

If anyone has an idea on how to capture this new adobe FS2 flash stream let me know.