Anyone know of any office supply/electronics store that accepts competitor's coupons?

I have a crapload of staples coupons, and it doesn’t seem like staples is pulling through for me lately. just wondering if there was anywhere that might accept competitor’s coupons. I work at a blockbuster and I know we accept hollywood video coupons so at least it’s not a ocmpletely unheard of concept haha.

The reason Blockbuster do that because the price of Video rental or sales are so high that regardless what they do still they make very good profit, in case of computer store the coupon is only fworks at the issuing stors. Even gift card of one store is not being honored by another store.

plenty of stores pricematch to keep customers at their store rather than have them go to the competitor.

i figured some would take their coupons as well to keep a customer from going to a competitor.

my blockbuster is across the street from a hollywood video. the reason we accept their coupons is because if we don’t, they’ll just walk across the street and use them there haha.

plenty of store accpe tcompetitor’s coupons

home depot/lowes

cvs/rite aid

OH don’t get me wrong I did not mean price match, price matching is common practice and I have done that quite often but that is different that you asking one brand of store to take the promptional coupon from another brand of store.

right. i was just making a comparison to pricematching…which is essentially what taking a coupon IS.

it’s saying, hey i can get this for 20% off at the other place. you should give it to me for 20% off too.

ehh, i dunno. i figured it was worth a shot haha. maybe i’ll make some phone calls tomorrow and post back here if I’m feeling motivated. I was hoping you guys would do the work for me though :stuck_out_tongue:

I have heard of plenty of people doing things like that such as grocery stores, pizza places, some of the more expensive department stores etc. I even had a dominos take a pizza hut coupon for a free small pizza once. I have never heard of any of the office supply or electronics stores doing it though. My guess is their profit margin is too low but then again, they do tend to have lots of loss leeders. If you do find anyone that takes competitor coupons please post as I get office depot/office max coupons in the mail from time to time but they never have anything I want recentlly (though some of the electronics stores do).


I have a cooperative OfficeMax in my area that takes Staples coupons.

thanks for the tip pyzon.

haha i’d probably be pushing my luck to try to get them to 115% pricematch AND take staples coupons on top of that, but i’ll give my local office max a call. it’s not like they’ll know who I am haha.