Anyone know of any bargain xp machines for sale?



My brother is currently looking to buy a new computer and he would like to stay with xp. Does anyone know of any good deals out there for complete computer systems w/ monitor with xp preloaded. He doesnt need anything spectacular., just replacing a p3 machine. I have just heard so much about vista and he has some older building programs that run fine in xp but i really doubt they would run in vista. Thanks,


Most of the major OEM’s are shipping everything with Vista except for business machines. Dell is still selling XP Pro machines through their Small Business store (don’t worry, you don’t have to be a small business), that’s probably your best bet. Other than that, building a machine and picking up and OEM XP license from Newegg is likely your only other real option.


Most older programs will run fine in Vista…

But if you’re trying to stay on the cheap side of things, go with XP, as the hardware requirements for Vista to run smoothly are insane.

Try Newegg’s Desktop PC’s, they should have a lot of lesser known brands (Acer, etc) for cheap with XP preloaded.


Great, i will check that out. I did have a friend tell me that some stores. best buy etc are willing to install xp at no extra charge on some of their machines. I dont know if that is true or not. I may try to put together a machine from scratch for him. I have done this with all of mine he just wants something complete. Is anyone selling xp at a good price now?? I would need a complete copy not an upgrade if i built one. His old machine has xp but he doesnt know where his disc is.


Also look for Micro Center. Some of their PCs are insanely cheap and they are just the kind of pace that will buy up some XP units just to drop the price.

If you are interested in a laptop, seems to have lower prices.


Newegg has XP Pro OEM with a free upgrade to Vista for $139.99 + $4.99 shipping. Use XP now, and when he wants he can upgrade to Vista once he’s sure all of his apps are Vista ready.


This may sound stupid. but if he was to buy a new computer, like the one at best buy could i get another hard drive and install windows xp on that one and have a dual boot system??


Micro center has a couple of xp pro machines advertised.

Not sure if they are a good deal or not.


Ditto/check out for the hot deals. There is one at Dell SB that will knock your socks off for 689. 22" lcd and everything you need.


ABS Computers still offers XP for $35 more.


To dual boot with Vista you generally have to have XP already installed and then add Vista afterwards in order to dual boot. Consequently, you would have to have a complete Vista disc to add in after the XP install. You don’t need another hard drive; you can repartition the single hard disc.

The whole thing will depend on whether the Vista disc with the system allows a real Vista install or if it goes through a preprogrammed OEM type of install which just gives you back what you had before.


No entirely true, though it’s not easy nor supported by MSFT.

I set up my main PC with Vista, then installed XP afterwards on a second drive. The trick is that you need to use a program such as EasyBCD to fix the Vista bootloader after the XP install, or it will only recognize one OS (I believe it was the XP install that got “lost”). You can get EasyBCD 1.52 here.


I knew that there would be some workaround. That is why I added “generally”.

Thanks for the link.