Anyone know Jap Motors

I have a Jap Nissan 200 SX, 1.8ltr 16V Turbocharged, Baily Dump Valve, K&N Filter Charger and a turbo booster and it looks identical too a Porche 928 SE. Any way I have experiened a few minor probs with valves on Throttle Body and fixed them :slight_smile: but here is the true problem that I tracked down. I have an AICV-FICD Soleniod(AIR Idle Control Valve- Fast Idle Control Valve) This little bugger has been causing me lots of Cold starts, engine cutting out or won’t start until after about 6 goes. This soleniod Valve is here with me in my abode. I connected the 2 prongs with electrical spades. I pushed the metal shuttle half way in and as soon as I applied power from my PP3 9v battery it immediately pulled the shuttle into the solenoid. It needs a special pretensioned spring and I can’t get one. Maby a visit too a big scrappy will help me out. What happens is the spring pulls the metal shuttle out a little way and the then it is pulled back in. This is constant as I need it too be fully functional on a cold start( dont want too put more stress on the S/motor).It also stops the revs from falling. so a sudden stop will cause the revs to drop, but it will recover immediately :slight_smile: Once I got the correct spring etc. I will manually run this Soleniod direct from battery until such time we can find the broken wire or the dry joint as no resistance, ohms, voltage and current is being delivered to operate that part. :frowning:

I will be very happy if someone can tell me what spring I need! The Nissan main dealer only sell the whole part £200 FFS, they dont stock the spring, how pathetic and annoying. So I hope they have a big scrap yard in Deeside UK

Greets The Diplomant:D

Once this has been put right I will have an awesmome motor. I know an electiction in the motor trade, he would be able too track the broken wire(s) or dry joint and repair it for me :slight_smile: