Anyone know if this oem 1640 has oem or retail firmware?

BSHB is the firmware that comes with it
so i think it’s same as retail

yup, thats the firmware that is on mine, got it yestyerday.

ya got the same one as the link?

Do you even realise that a search button exists for these forums?!

As has been posted before, it would seem that there would be both. For example, the TDB site has GSHB I think.

  • Jie

yes the very same one. Ordered it tuesday delivered thursday. DW 1640 BenQ OEM made in China.

Mine had BSHB…retail!

No 1640 has been seen out in the wild with GSB firmware. There is no GSB firmware at BenQ’s website. The only place it’s been seen is The Dangerous Brothers’ page. This really shouldn’t be as big a deal as it is.

There is :stuck_out_tongue: . You just have to look at the right place. Linky :smiley:

Can’t dispute that.

There is no GS*B firmware at BenQ’s website.

It is as pinto2 pointed out on the FTP site which is where we pulled it from.

This really shouldn’t be as big a deal as it is.

No magic voodoo, or men hiding behind the curtains here.

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