Anyone know if Prodisc 48x cdrs are made in Taiwan?

I really would like to get more of these discs(48x Prodisc cdrs) as the included cdr with my 52246S worked perfect at 52x …no slowdowns or errors

I know Memorex supposedly uses Prodisc…but there seems to be no way to determine if Memorex spindle has them…they all seem to made in Taiwan the 48x spindles I have seen as well as 30 pack with slim cases…I hate to spend the money and end up with junk…I did that recently with 40x Philips cdrs…from CMC

Crap…I picked up 5 pack of cdrs from Memorex 48x…Picture cdr(stupid gimmick)…they are crapola CMC, Imation

so not all 48x memorex are Prodisc damn!!!

Yup! The Prodisc is made in Taiwan. I usually used Smart Buy that produced by the :bow: Prodisc. Wise choice. It is a good CDR, at least for me.

JVMS…is Smart buy the brand???