Anyone know how WinRar files are split?

Would anyone please share their knowledge of making and using Winrar split file volumes. How do you create, use reconstruct, etc. Anything you might know. Thanks in advance.

When creating an archive there is an option for volume size, type in whatever you want for it.

yeh like Kwkard said you can specify the chunks it splits into by setting that parameter. To rejoin the rar again it doesn’t actually rejoin but it extracts from the different parts it created just by trying to extract part1.

Thought that was how it worked but had a guy tell me you can’t split the files with winrar and have them be the same size every time. That didn’t seem logical. If a game is split into volumes is it possible to split the same game, ISO, (whatever) again later and still end up with the same size volumes??

the many smaller files wont be the same size every time. a lot of them will be the same…and the last one will be a bit smaller - unless you split it into perfectly sized segments. its not a big deal.