Anyone know how to resolve sickening alcan5wn.sys error!

:a ok firstly my rig is xp sp2 and i never noticed this before on my xp with no sps on ok basically when i open up the upload pipeline is when this hpns i have read other users having this problem and a lot said to change the driver of the modem but mine is the alcatel green stingray thingie and it works with this driver i got on cd which is unsigned (but like i said it worked earlier) now i dont want to uninstall sp2 as it says when i uninstall it will make a whole loada proggies i installed afterwards to not respond proper so i decided against it

i am in france and i have to sign up for my internet connection of my adsl 2048/128 and it sorts of dials thru that so i dont insert any tele no.s i hope u understand wht i am saying so when i put the updated driver which is incidentally a thomson from it doesnt work

anyone have any thoughts would really love the input


Well, you can keep messing with settings, and trying different drivers, but with no disrespect, a new XP compatible modem is like $15 shipped, it might just be easier to pay off the headache.

@ xtacydima
Where can you find a ADSL modem for 15 bucks including shipping xtacydima that’s decent? D-Link, Topcom and other POS brands doesn’t count

@ mrish
So your issue is that you get a BSOD/driver error?
As for the driver update from, have you checked so it didn’t reset your settings like VPI och VCI etc?

What do you consider to be a non-POS brand, I would really love to hear your list?

Just check my fav site daily, cause every other day there is a new one and they expire fast.
Netgear 802.11b Wireless 4Port Cable/DSL Router $7 after $30MIR

  1. Netgear MR814 is not a modem, it’s a router/gateway.
  2. Roughly it’s anything that isn’t a USB or a PCI device. USB/PCI-devices have poor drivers in general and the h/w support is flaky (includes major brands). The only brands I honestly can say are worth the money is Nokia (Zyxel in some cases), Zyxel and Alcatel. The Ethernet models are solid and they work very well and have good performance. Orckit are also alright although they didn’t follow the ADSL standard so you can’t use their modems everywhere and therefore you don’t much of a choice. There are also brands that I’m not familiar with though that I think should work like a charm and that’s 3Com/USR. I have to admitt I’m also not a fan of the modem+router combos, even when it comes to Zyxel for instance. Zyxel’s (Prestige 642r btw) NAT code/software could withstand my abuse for about 2 month before it decided to hang (which is a very good for being me). In my opinion it’s much less of a hassle to use the bridge mode and get a standalone router/gateway. To give you some kind of perspective a D-Link DI-604 can’t withstand a day without going boo boo. For now I have an old P166MMX running FreeBSD which acts as a router, server and shaper (including QoS) and it has never failed on me and neither the modem. So the current flow is Internet --> Modem --> P166MMX --> Switch --> Clients and I’m very pleased with the performance so I guess I’m not qualifying as the average Joe.

This is a nice setup to have, but if th emodem drivers don’t work int he first place, its still a problem. Here in US, anyone you sign with gives you a free modem, and if it breaks, they replace it for free.

I dunno what options are available in France, I would call customer care and nag them till they submit.

Only thing I can think of is to try other drivers, in some rare cases, a win2000 driver willw ork on an XP machine. Although, in your case it did work before, prior to SP2, so it is XP compatible drivers, in wich case I would complain to M$ because its obviously a compatibility issue with SP2.

If you don’t like why don’t you replace it? I mean, it’s not that expensive anyways.
Anyway, back to the problem. I did some “googling” and couldn’t find any issues with the newest drivers and SP2 so guess it’s a user end error.