Anyone know how to activate xp-pro

Can you share some knwoledge as to how 2 activate xp-pro. I would like to slipstream xp-pro with sp1. Unfortunately I don’t have Xp-Corp. There seems to be lot’s of Info for that. Thanks in advance. (I have 29 days and counting:(:frowning:

MS made it very easy: call MS, give them your product code and they will give you your activation code!

that all depends on whether you have the cough box-less version. (hint hint,) (cough cough) (wink wink) (i don’t need to go on,)

M$ doesn’t take kindly to those (very, VERY BAD!) people. And they don’t give them product IDs either. And you can see how many of those (law-breaking, offencive) people (that don’t pay their taxes or take out the garbage) there are here at CDFreaks (there was a poll). And the Admins don’t like us talkin’ 'bout such stuff and such.


You can download the corpfiles to convert the pro version to a corp version!