Anyone know anything about new Sony DRX-830UL/T Drive?

I am new on this Forum. My Plextor PX-716UF died last week after only burning about 50 DVDs. It was almost 2 years old (did not use it a lot for the first year). Plextor says too bad! I checked out the Plextor threads on this web site and there appears to be some feeling that their units are not up to the quality and durability of the past, especially considering their price. There is no DVD-RAM capability in their non-portable external units either (e.g., the PX-760 and PX755) and from what they said when I spoke with a tech rep, that is not too likely in the near future either.

I am looking for a replacement unit and had just about settled on purchase of the Sony DRX-830U 18x drive. I want DVD-RAM capability in my new drive. I visited the Sony Web Site today, just to check on things like driver support, etc., and found a new 18x drive there, the DRX-830UL/T. It appears to be similar to the DRX-830U with the exception it is advertised as having both the Firewire (desireable for me) and USB 2.0 interfaces. There may be some other differences too, but I did not recognize them. This one is for Windows and Macintosh (because of Firewire capability?) and Sony indicated that the drive should be shipping on or before today, December 15. The new drive is not listed yet at Office Depot, CompUSA, Circuit City, or Best Buy.

I was hoping that the new drive would improve upon some of the few negatives identified in the CDFreaks review of the Sony DRX-830U.

Does anyone know more that I do about this new drive so I can determine that it is wise to wait for it? Also, are the Sony 830 series drives a good purchase decision? Now that I am down on Plextor, I really do not know who are the top units/companies in the DVD burner market. I thought Plextor was one of them before this episode.

I really also want LightScribe writing capability too, but I just do not know enough about the drives that offer this capability to take a chance. Any assistance or recommendations in that respect would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks. TB