Anyone know anything about an update of Yahoo Unlimited! Software?



It is quite buggy. It goes a bit hog wild on your system resources as well. Just wondered if anyone has heard about when they will release an update or a newer version? Thanks.


NOt sure of the new release of an update but y u wanta use it anyway. its not that great.


It has a ton of potential. The bugs aren’t bad enough to force me to pay 2 or 3 times as much somewhere else for less of a service. I mean its hands down the best online music service going at the moment.

I mean I have everything else. Musicmatch Pro, WinAmp Pro, Media Player 10… etc… etc…

What else is there that can compete with these ones?

P.S. - Don’t say iTunes lol. My wife uses it for her Shuffle and I hate that program with a passion. Plus I have Creative Zen Micro…and that works amazingly with yahoo unlimited!