Anyone know any good torrent sites?

can anyone recommend some good torrent sites? im currently using limewire pro & bittorrent. the only site i know of is, & while it is a good site, there must be better… i tried edonkey2000, but didnt know how to get torrents & ended up with a virus, so i uninstalled it. ive heard a lot about frostwire, but cant find a free download. any help is appreciated. THANKS

try . They are the best to me.

I’m more of a newsgroup user myself but i had these bookmarked. I can’t say which is the best but at least you have options to try.

MegaNova and TorrentReactor are a couple of popular torrent sites.

I thought the Pirate Bay had been shut down? :confused:

lol… they were… for about 2 days… they relaunched and were fully operational within the week

The only good torrent sites are Private torrent sites.

oink . me . uk - Music, Programs, ebooks, elearning videos, audio books & comedy (Lots of, can find anything even pre-releases)

demonoid . com - Everything but pr0n, AND I MEAN EVERYTHING!

bitmetv . org - TV shows (US, Canada & UK), Stand-up and everything else! If it dosnt air on TV first then you cant find it (example: you can download/upload the x-files series but you cant download/upload the x-files movie)

I currently belong to all three and I only use these three :slight_smile:

Here is a reference site that lists a bunch of them:


Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t there a better chance of getting caught when downloading from private torrent sites?

I am really not sure… But with the certain setup of a good BT client (Azureus or uTorrent) PeerGuardian and maybe a firewall there isnt much to worry about I dont think… one great plsu about a private site is 90% or more of every one seeds for a long time and its nice to download files at your max download rate (me 600-700kBps)


Oh not to mention that private sites hardly ever get trojans/viruses uploaded, on public trackers ANYTHING could be a bug that could slip your AV easily (have had it happen to me)


lol another thing I forgot to mention, they go after the heavy uploaders and concentrate on movies that havnt been released on DVD yet, thats my opinion though

/me makes notes of all your ip adresses, because i’m a proud G-man spider robot :slight_smile:
Opinions are cool, lawsuits are even cooler.

I bet you got somthing on your PC that isnt legal :slight_smile:

Utorrent 1.6 = Da Bomb! Just cap your UPLOAD speed to 80% of your bandwidth or so and you should be good to go. It has a SPEED GUIDE under the options menu that you can use too if you want - kind of a wizard deal. Basically, I have 384k upload on my 1.5mb DSL and have the upload limited to 30 (it’s labeled as the Global Maximum Upload Rate under the BANDWIDTH LIMITING section of the CONNECTION dialog under the PREFERENCES menu). Works for me nicely.

That listing site I put up there is down right now, so I’ll put some up I found from that main list:

Most are great for getting tv episodes that your VCR didn’t record, for example, stuff like that.

Happy surfin’!

Hey all…I am looking to get an invite to Oink…I am a member of revoluttiontt and am in good standing with a great ratio. Thanx for any help you can offer

FB - I think that one you hafta pay for.

I use Bitcomet as my torrent client.
Hope this helps.

1 year later and it looks like I’m gonna have to eat my words.

Private torrent sites are [I]the[/I] best for p2p downloads.

I alwasy use isohunt and I think it’s good.

utorrent use this .

Use Utorrent 1.6 don’t use 1.7 that one haqs been sending out signal. But you want a good torrent site to go to then here is a whole list of them.

I would recommend visiting (you must create an account 1st) and, downloading Sothink Video downloader for Firefox to download full tv shows without waiting…:smiley: