Anyone know any Cd-R that has a silver shiny finish other than philips?


Silver Printables?

not necessary printables, but just a silver finish, it can have a logo on there, like some verbatim Dvd-Rs.

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Last time I bought Fujifilm CD-R media they had a matte silver finish, but that was a while ago.

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All of my Verbatim DataLifePlus CD-Rs have a silver matte finish to them. As Drage mentioned, so do the Fujifilm CD-Rs.

im talking real shiny silver, like this:

and very good quality discs.

I use to have some silver matte finished philips cd-r’s but about 75% of them were coasters.

So which do you want - matte as originally mentioned, or shiny as mentioned in the quoted post?

Also, where are you located?

The adjective matte has one meaning: Meaning #1: not reflecting light; not glossy

If you want shiny silver there shouldn’t be any shortage of them, but matte is flat not shiny. Taiyo Yuden and Ritek CDs are generally the top 2 CDs available:

shiny, Houston.

No shortage of shiny silver TYs, they’re practically a dime a dozen. :slight_smile:

Maybe Rima has something to offer. :slight_smile:

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Non printable verbatim CD-R look sexy. I have some prodisc made CD-R and they look very similar to the non printable DVDs that verbatim make. It’s not really shiny but it certainly isn’t dull by an means.

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