Anyone know about icopydvds2

hi, i use icopydvds2 and when i updated it made bad burns. at first i thought it was my screen saver (marine aquarium 2) because it was a new item. also i never made a burn with it on, so i turn it off. that wasn’t the problem, any help? so i had to revert back to the old version. i like icopydvds2 because it’s easy to use.

thanking you in advance.

That’s one of those ripoff programs that just steals other programs and calls it something new, right?

Yes, such tools ripped DVDD off. :frowning:

okay do you suggest a better burning program?

try to use a system restore point in your computer. ( Aveces las cosas sencillas son las mas apropiadas) Use “the windows time machine” (nothing to lose)

ImgBurn, CloneDVD or just Nero