Anyone know about Cyberdrive DP026D?

I have a cheap DVD Player (Dansai DVD952), but it does the job. Recently it has been getting more unreliable about reading discs on initial load (once it actually acknowledges there is a disc present, it’s fine).

I thought that perhaps the laser lens could do with a clean, so I opened the player up to do that. I was surprised to find that inside is an apparently bog-standard IDE DVD-ROM drive. The model number on it is Cyberdrive DP026D.

Can anyone tell me if this is indeed an ordinary IDE DVD-ROM drive? If it is, I guess I can just replace it with any other cheap IDE drive.

its possible however it may have special firmware designed to work in conjunction with the actual unit itself, is it having problems reading original discs or copies that you’ve had for a while?

This is no ordinary DVD-ROM because it has -like that is normal- special firmware flashed onto it.
You cannot back it up or dump it, and also not replace it, AFAIK.

OK, thanks for the info. Mr. Brownstone asked if it has problems reading original discs or copies - it has a bit of bother with both. If anything, it seems marginally happier reading DVD+R discs I’ve burned myself.

Looks like it will be simpler to just buy another cheap DVD Player when it finally gives up the ghost.

You can buy a standalone DVD player for £15 brand new over here which is about the same price as a cheap DVD-ROM anyway

You can of course, if you want, install another drive and try to test that out.

But most likely, more than 99%, this will not work, because (as said earlier), such drives have special firmware applied and also the firmware/software in the dvd player has it’s own prefs…