Anyone know a VCD site?



Does anybody know a good VCD site? With news about latest releases, links to VCD-dealers and a message board?
A site like maybe vcd-freaks?


here is a site you may be interrested in :




yeah, here is a site for you:


I find very decent.

For all your CD needs


At you can download vcd’s, take a look at download section 10, and I think that under download section 1 are some movies to.



Listen here… I am not looking for a site where I can order/download vcd’s… I’m looking for a site with links to vcd dealers… a vcd-forum… a list of what dealer has what vcd’s for what prices…
get it?


you must not take a look at my site, where there are 4 working downloadlinks where My links are, where I can download movies.


I refer to my former statement…