Anyone know a good program to burn 2 AVI files to a single DVD5



I am currently using Nero 6 with vision express to do it. It works but it is slow as hell(Over 6 hours). I was wondering if there there is a way to do it that does not take quite as long to encode. I also have WinAVIVideoConverter and if I am burning just 1 AVI file to DVD it gets it done really fast(less than 50min). If there is any other program out there worth getting to burn both AVI files to one DVD in a lot less time can someone tell me what it is.


These are the steps i follow, can fit atleast 3 .avi movies on a single SL DVD(5). Procedure is quite long but effective

  1. Convert ur avi files to DVD format (video_ts) and but burn them on hard drive using avi to DVD software

  2. Open NEro burning ROM, and select DVD video option and click on NEW, now drag and drop ur Video_TS folder which u created using avi to dvd conversion in step 1(YOu have to do it one by one for each), burn this again on hard drive, you’ll create a .nrg file.

  3. Open ur Nero vision and import these .nrg files and you r ready. create menus chapters etc and now burn it on ur DVD.

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you should have enough hard disk space for this.


ConvertXtoDVD is a simple program to use plus you can create simple menus for your DVD with ease.
2 45 min avi files takes about an hour or so to convert with a relatively fast CPU. The software is HT & muti core compatible as well.


Excellent program from VSO Software. I agree, it is well worth the price plus I believe you can try it for a limited time as Shareware.:iagree:


Hi, I read this thread on Nov. 3, 2008 because I wanted to burn 2 DivX avi files onto one DVD. They were each half of a movie meant for a CD.
I started doing it like shafling mentioned, but then thought of an easier way. I then searched for and DLed an avi joiner program, joined them, and then converted them using Convert X. Then I burned it using Convert X. It worked fine.
I then thought the next day that the method shafling mentioned would be good for burning 2 or 3 avi files to DVD that are not part of the same movie.


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It makes more sense to use convertxtodvd when dealing with 2-3 or even more different files, since it can directly do all converting and creating menus to differentiate each file. The only reason i see to go for a step by step approach is if you are not satisfied by the quality outcome or by the standard menus offered by convertxtodvd.


I use convertxtodvd and it works fine for me.