Anyone interested in the newest VIA CPU?

VIA C3 1.0GHz finally!

Yes I would be intrested. If I had an Epiab board… really nice

Does it require both sink and fan?
Or only either of them?

If it needs fan then I’m not interested, but otherwise it would be the ideal component to put in a silent puter…

I think I read a review where the 866 or 900 was having trouble just playing a DVD, so I would think it is not perfect for silent PC. Imagine if it has trouble playing DVD, trying to watch DivX or multitask? You can run Celeron and P3 ~1GHz with just a good heatsink, esp. celerons and they work much better than via CPUs. Perhaps my next PC will be a little silent multimedia box hooked up to my tv…course I’ll need some money:( . hmmmm that face looks more mad than sad

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Yeah I think we should replace the smilies…