Anyone here used ModMii?

ive decided not to update the Hack My Wii guide.

there is a much better program which does everything included in hack my wii plus a lot, lot, lot, lot, lot, lot… MORE.

if its worth my time i could create a better ModMii thread. but i want the opinion of cdfreaks member(s) first.

either way, i am no longer going to provide any updates for Hack My Wii.

where or can i soft mod my wii 4.3u

this is the best software and guide for modding any firmware version wii

ModMii for windows

I have checked its setup wizard, definitely seems easy to use. But have not tried its installation, since i already have most things installed. It offers some nice new features, such as extra brick protection. But it also states that it currently does not support WBFS?

[QUOTE=QuickSilver999;2548331]But it also states that it currently does not support WBFS?[/QUOTE]

wbfs was the original format. fat32 or ntfs has come along way is now the preferred method.

i have too many games to switch from wbfs to ntfs, since i am comfortable and knowledgeable using wbfs, this is the format i used in the hack my wii guide.

if you already have a hacked wii you can safely use modmii even if your hard drive is useing wbfs, just do not follow the setting up hard drive section. even though modmii offers config loader and you can use the loader of your choice.